Friday, September 01, 2006


It’s a simple question; What the fuck? As in WTF is going on with my body? Is it my body rebelling from last winter’s high mileage? Old age? Old shoes? Wrong shoes? WTF is it?

Last night I was running 8 miles on the treadmill with 4 at MP. When I was 3.5 miles into the MP portion my right hamstring “acted up.”

I’ve never had hamstring problems.

When you’re the slowest sprinter in your high school class, you don’t pull hamstrings.

Hell, I’m so inexperienced with hamstring problems I don’t even know if it was a pull, a cramp or just tight.

Take 3 days off in order to get healthy and this shit happens. WTF?

I stopped running immediately to stretch, massage and foam roll my leg. After that I was able to cool-down for a mile.

What’s really frustrating is that these aches and pains (other than the knee) are all new. I’m used to the Achilles pain, sore arches, tight ITB, etc., but I’m not used to the shin/calf and hamstring pain. WTF?

With all these aches and pains I’m still confident that I can run well at Chicago. The other day I wrote a response to Mike’s comment saying “I'd at least like to get to Chicago in one piece - even if it only means being in 2:58 shape.” That’s my PR, so I guess I’m still of the mindset that I can at least PR there.

Not that it really matters, but I finished August with 265 miles on 25 days of running and 27 runs.

Not sure if I should post these photos (at least the one of me) from last weekend or not, but since photos help spice up a blog, here they are. The rest of the runners can be found here.

Evan finishing up a workout, Jim winning another AG award and me (in front - at least it is far away).

Quote of the day;

“Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.” - Dostoyevsky


Trisaratops said...

Ya know, I never had to read Crime and Punishment (I'm assuming that quote might be from that) and always heard it was good.

OK, that's a random comment.

massoman said...

i got nothing...sorry.

the art doctor might be useful. you did the right thing by stopping and stretching. the answer to the $64 question though i don't have. that's all i got, questions. i guess that's more than nothing. not much though.

Beanie said...

Hey Chad. Sorry you're having a rough time of it. I don't know what to tell ya...

I read that quote as 'Surfing is the sole origin of consciousness' and was very bewildered for a moment ;)

Anonymous said...

At this stage I would shift to speed over miles. For me it would be too late to try and build-up so to speak. The fitness you have now won't be changed much aerobically. The couple long runs you have left will take care of the muscle strength you need and the mental aspect. Get faster so those 6:40s don't feel so darn tough. Be a grizzly.

Chad said...

Sara, nothing wrong with a random comment. I'm sure you're just looking for ways to distract from IM Moo, at this point.

Massoman, I wonder if it was just a cramp because 2 days later I felt fine. Scary.

Yvonne, yeah 'surfing' vs. 'suffering' - kind of makes a difference in how the quote reads.

Double, thanks for the advice, I'll give it some thought. The problem is that the speed seems to beat the crap out of my legs more than the mileage. I'm sure I'll keep in some tempo and MP stuff, but not sure if I'll go anaerobic much.