Friday, August 18, 2006


Man, was I tired yesterday. Katie waking me up at 1 AM and me not being able to fall back to sleep till 2 AM sure didn’t help. When I got up at 5 AM and couldn’t keep my eyes open I knew running in the morning was not going to happen. I laid down on the couch and slept another hour.

All this means is that I had to jump on the treadmill last night. I ran 8 miles with 4 of them at marathon pace. I’m thinking about running a 10K tomorrow, so I didn’t want to run too hard. This morning I ran a very easy 5 miles.

There are actually two 10Ks tomorrow – one for women and one for men. Somehow they get away with offering a lot more prize money to the women. If those numbers were reversed, I’m sure the women would be outraged. In any case, they get some decent women at this event. Last year Katie McGregor won in a Minnesota state record 32:17. Other runners included Colleen DeReuck, Sylvia Mosqueda, Nicole Aish, and other Team USA Minnesota members like Jenelle Deatherage, Carrie Tollefson, Sara Wells and Dana Coons, who’s no longer with the team. So whether I run the men’s 10K or not, I’ll be there to watch the women’s race.

The other day a friend sent me a “Getting to know your friends” email. It contained about 40 questions, 37 of which I don’t think any of my friends would really care about. Seriously, what kind of soap and shampoo do I use, what’s my favorite advertisement, have I cried in the last 24 hours, do I believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or angels, etc.

Nothing too exciting, but one question did jump out at me; have you ever put a body on fire just for amusement?

Hmm, I suppose people would want to know that. Maybe that’s how they catch serial killers. They send out random surveys and slip in one question like “Have you ever killed anyone for sheer joy?” Then when they say “Yeah, back in the 1994…” their friends turn them in.

In honor of tomorrow’s all-women’s race here’s today’s quote of the day;

“They meant, of course, the first American man, so they should say so.” – Doris Brown Heritage, on hearing Craig Virgin described as “the first American” to win a World Cross Country title. She had won five.


Anonymous said...

What about the extra money for Americans? Hmmm ...

Chad said...

You're right! But with a name like Evan Roberts you may be able to get away with being an American. Just don't speak.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm running it, but the bigger hurdle might be that the American prize money is only in the women's race ... but I'm sure there are creative ways round that.

E-Speed said...

I love sassy fast women, great quote!

Lance Notstrong said...

You're right......if the money was reversed, all hell would break loose.