Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here's a new one. Yesterday I was just about to pull into the parking garage and head out for my run when I noticed that I didn’t grab my shirt and slacks. I hang them near the doorway and grab them on my way to the car. I had to drive back and get them and wasn't able to get in my run. After two consecutive strong 15 milers, I wasn’t too heartbroken.

Instead of getting my run in last night, I decided to hop on my bike (and trainer) for an hour. I figured with my knee acting up, I’d be better off with a little cross training.

My knee hasn’t been too bad, but I do feel it when I run. The problem is I only feel it when I run. By the time I get home from work, I’ve forgotten about it and therefore, forgotten about icing it. I did remember to ice it 4 times over the weekend, so hopefully that, combined with the biking will be enough to help it recover.

I have a couple of other things that I want to talk about, but I spent the lunch hour setting up my fantasy football league, so those other topics will have to wait.

Quote of the day;

“The wreath or death!” – A common oath of ancient Olympians


Anonymous said...

Fantasy Football - Cool! When's your draft? Our's was Friday night. I had the #2 pick in our 12 team league and drafted the following players...

S Alexander
T Holt
A Gates
D Jackson
J Delhomme
R Droughns - a steal?
A Johnson
D Brees
J Addai - could be a great pick
Miami - Defense
D Stallworth
F Gore
R Longwell -should do well indoors
Philly - Defense
M Bell - another possible steal
Antonio Bryant

This league is made up of 10 H.S. sophmores and two dads. I finished 5th or 6th last year, and my son (the commish) won the playoffs. It's always fun, and great to root for your players when your team (Packers) sucks....

Greg said...

"I have a couple of other things that I want to talk about, but I spent the lunch hour setting up my fantasy football league, so those other topics will have to wait."

At least you have your priorities in order...

Chad said...

Peter, our draft is the 6th - the night before the opener. I can't believe you've drafted already.

Yeah Greg, 1) fantasy football, 2) running, 3) lunch and 4) work.

massoman said...

let your ART doc look at your knee, if you have the time. it could very possibly be a muscle issue that refers to your knee. if he doesn't find anything, no big deal. if he does and deals with it, you keep running.

Ryan said...

How do you find time for the fantasy football? Running? Kids/wife? Work? Pick Antwaan Randle El if you can.

Hope the knee pain goes away quickly. Do you do ice baths? Do you literally put ice in the bath? Or just make the water cold? I've never tried it and am curious.

Thanks for your comment in response to my race report. I was about to go out and do 14 this AM, but still felt a little sore, so I did yet another recovery 6. Going to do 14 tomorrow early AM.

Chad said...

massoman, yeah I have the ART guy in the back of my head. If it gets any worse I'll call him. Right now it's "fine".

Ryan, yeah fantasy football really suffers. Work keeps getting in the way.

I don't do ice baths, but I assume they put ice in them. Evan, who comments here frequently, is the ice bath expert.

If I did them I'd wouldn't use the tub. I'd get one of those big trash cans and fill it with ice and water and stand it in. Standing vs. sitting allows you to keep some "things" out of the icy cold.

Anonymous said...

hey, cool, I get to hijack someone else's blog comments to give advice on ice baths and how "things" get cold in them. If you're worrying about that "thing" getting cold, the water is possibly too cold ...

Anyway, ice bath basics: What you're aiming for is 50-60 degrees farenheit immersion of the legs for 10-15 minutes. As with any other aspect of training, adapt to it gradually. A magazine you don't care about getting wet or the radio to listen to is a handy accompaniment. A warm shower for a couple of minutes afterwards helps bring blood back to the legs so you don't cramp up. Pretty much, that's it.

Specifics. Fill the bath up so that when you're sitting down it covers all your legs. Get out a thermometer and measure the temperature. Those ones with a cord you can get to shove in turkeys are great because you can put the sensor at the bottom of the bath (where you legs will be), rather than right at the top where the water may be a little warmer.

Add ice if necessary. As you adapt to colder baths that will be more ice. It does depend on how your pipes are insulated and whether your house has A/C. If you have well-insulated pipes (=water temperature doesn't change much with the seasons) and A/C you may find the cold water coming out of the tap gives you less than 60F water anyway.

Sit down in the bath for 10-15 minutes. This is where you may appreciate the magazine or radio to take your mind off "things" other than your legs, feet, and lower torso that get cold when you sit in a bath.

You may choose to buy ice, but depending on the size of your freezer and how many ice cube trays you own, you can make enough ice for 2 ice baths a week by having about 4 ice cube trays that you change the water/ice in twice a day. You'll quickly accumulate enough for a bath. The new ziploc one gallon bags are useful for storing the ice.