Friday, August 25, 2006


I finally found some photos from last weekend’s women’s race. Including this super cute picture...

Damn you blogger!!! I can't upload the photo, so make sure to check out this one.

…have I mentioned that I’m the unofficial president of the unofficial Katie McGregor fan club? I saw her a couple of times after the race but was too chicken to go up and talk to her. You know, it might freak her out if I tell her I’m the president. Anyway, I’m sure she’s an avid reader of my blog – so she knows how I feel. Closed circuit to Katie; great job last weekend – you look to be in top form again.

I just ran 5 very easy miles this morning, probably around 9:00 pace. During my run I saw a lot of runners and walkers out and about. I got to thinking how weird it would have been to be a runner in the 50s or 60s. Since running wasn’t that popular back then, you probably wouldn’t see anyone else on the roads. That would be really weird.

The goals for tomorrow’s half marathon are to run it around marathon pace and, more importantly, make it feel as comfortable as possible. Sean (from yesterday’s list) says to make it feel like you’re sitting at home in your easy chair.

I thought about racing it but something I read recently is sticking in my head. It had to deal with how our body adapts to the specific stress we put on it. The stress I aim to put on it come October 22nd is 6:40 pace, not 6:20 pace. Therefore, tomorrow’s race will be a step towards adapting to that type of stress.

There are some things about this race that are eerily strange;

Prior to this year, I’ve never raced in Rochester, MN. My last race was in Rochester.

That race was 2 months before Grandma’s. This race is 2 months before Chicago.

That race was a 20k. This race is a half marathon.

Looking back, my legs were sort of bothering me prior to that race. Lately, my legs have been bothering me.

Within a week-and-a-half of that race I was injured…This time I'm smarter than that

I don’t have a lot of health problems (other than running related). If I did, I’d definitely print out one of these medical I.D. cards. Thanks to Jim for sending the link.

Finally, (I’m “stealing” this from Yvonne) if you thought treadmills were boring, go here and watch the “Here It Goes Again” video.

Quote of the day;

“I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start.” – Shakespeare, Henry V


mouse said...

you crack me up. you know that Katie McG is a former Wolverine, right? (this is really just a way for me to ligitimize writing "GO BLUE!" on your blog, of course)

Good luck on the half tomorrow!

Lawrence said...

Good luck on your 1/2. Stick to your plan! Sounds smart.

Who is the first pic of? I'm not sure.

Chad said...

Mouse, yeah I know she was a Wolverine. I don't hold that against her - we all make mistakes.

Lawrence, the first link is just to all the photos from that race. If you're wondering who the first photo is it's Stephanie Bylander.

Arcane said...

Now you've go me thinking. I wanted to race a half 6 weeks before Chicago, but my knees are starting to give me some problems and I'm thinking that maybe it's not a good idea. Good luck with your race!

Wayne said...

good luck. can't wait to hear how your race went.

Ryan said...

Hope the half went well. Looking forward to the report.

qcmier said...

I understand your comment about how we need to adapt to a specific stress. So I have been actually trying to do my long runs slower.

Hope the race went well.

Lance Notstrong said...

The pic link is cool. Female athletes are soooooo hot!!! :-)

Chelle said...

You're wife either has the patience of a saint or no interest in reading your blog. My guy would not be pleased if I started getting all moony-eyed over some elite male athlete. NOT at all.

Chad said...

Chelle, she probably read my blog once or twice after I told her about it and then was bored to tears.

It's all in good fun.