Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After taking Monday off I managed to double up yesterday. I ran an easy 5 miles in the morning. I started with a 9:05 mile and gradually picked up the pace without thinking about it. I was a little surprised to see 7:47 for the last mile. If I had to guess I would’ve said 8:00-8:15. Maybe I’m in better shape than I think.

In the evening I met my training group at Macalester College. Coach Matt advertised the workout as a hill session, but I thought of it as more of a tempo run. We ran “mile” loops around a park on St. Clair for 35 minutes. The loop consists of a gradual hill and a steep hill and we switched directions after each loop. I continue to get “killed” on the hills, especially the steep one. Either I’m not a strong hill runner or I’m not working as hard as everyone else. In either case, I think I’ll be adding more hills to my winter base training. Anyway, with warm-up and cool-down I got in another 10 miles for the day.

My knee was sore again when I got home so I took time to ice it and foam roll my quads and calves. One minute I’m thinking about increasing my mileage, the next I’m just hoping to make it to the starting line in one piece – even if it means biking every other day. Maybe I just need a break from any type of hard workout, like hills and track.

I don’t really have anything else exciting to write about so I’ll include another top-10 list from non-blogging Eric. You may remember his lists on why rollerblading is better than running and why running is better than rollerblading. Today’s list; why being out of shape is better than being in shape:

1) Every workout is a hard workout.
2) You have energy for things other than running.
3) You get to enjoy food more because you don't have to eat all the time.
4) You get to use a notch in your belt other than the innermost.
5) Shoes last longer.
6) Your weekends aren't taken up with races.
7) It takes longer to catch up with joggers of the opposite gender.
8) Your running has a huge upside potential.
9) You can get nostalgic about how fast you used to be.
10) You can run, stretch, and shower in the time it used to take you to run.

Quote of the day;
“If a hill has its own name, then it’s probably a pretty tough hill.” – Marty Stern


massoman said...

it's a good list, i think.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the foam roller, but my experience has been (and I'm pretty sure I read this somewhere too but of course can't find it now) that doing it *after* a workout actually makes my calves feel worse. Doing it before each workout, starting very gently and increasing pressure, has been a lifesaver for my training.

Chad said...

Carl, I actually did these before AND after the run. I'm thinking the knee pain might be caused by tight quad muscles. I figure if I loosen them up beforehand it may alleviate the pain in the knee.

Chad said...

Actually Carl, I'm getting my workouts confused. Tuesday night I just did that stuff after my run. Wednesday night I did them before AND after.