Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wow! I felt REALLY good last night. It's one of those things where you force yourself to take a day off (on Monday) and you beat yourself up for not “getting in your miles” and then the next day you have an awesome workout. Kind of makes me forget about that easy 5 miles that I didn’t run.

Last night I met my training group at Macalester College. After a 2 mile warm-up, we ran a 20 minute tempo on rolling hills followed by 2 more easy miles back to the track. Then we did 2 x 1 “mile” where I ended up running my 2 best times of the year, both 5:48. We ended with a 2 mile cool-down.

The most impressive thing to me about this workout is that I only had 1:47 rest in-between the miles. The last few times we’ve done this workout we were supposed to have a 2:00 rest, but we were really taking a 3:00-3:30 rest. So basically cutting the rest in half was a huge shock to the system.

The other good news is my knee felt fine during the run and it feels good today.

While it does feel great to bounce right back after a day off and have a great workout, I still believe it’s more important to run tired. You can’t be cutting back before every hard workout and expect to maximize your training. But as Chicago gets closer and closer I find myself focused on getting in some solid workouts followed by nice easy recovery days.

Alright I have to mention this before I forget. I admit I don’t know anything about ChiRunning, but I’m skeptical. A week-and-a-half ago there was an article about a local runner who is the only “certified ChiRunning instructor in Minnesota.” This guy is 47 now, but back “in the day” he was 2:24 marathoner.

“He achieved success using traditional approaches to running, like logging 100-mile weeks. But he also knew the pain of injuries: stress fractures, torn cartilage in the knee, plantar fasciitis.”
So am I supposed to assume now that he’s a ChiRunner he’ll be able to log 100-mile weeks PAIN FREE? Or does it mean that in order to be pain free he has to run FEWER MILES? Or is this just a way for him to cash in by holding ChiRunning clinics?

There was a part of the article that tried to describe ChiRunning saying something like “your foot lands underneath you and you’re landing on your mid-foot.” Sure that sounds great, but right next to it was a picture of the only “certified ChiRunning instructor in Minnesota” and he was CLEARLY over-striding and landing on his heel.

One last thing I have to get off my chest and hopefully spread the word. If you receive any of those chain emails with stuff like cookie recipes, don’t dial this area code, boycott gas stations on this date, etc. Go to a site like Hoax Busters or Snopes and find out if it’s “real” or not before forwarding it to your entire list of contacts (or at least me).

Quote of the day;

“If you have not figured it out by now, I include a LOT of stairs training, so you are not too tired to step-up on the podium after the race.” – coach Matt


Trisaratops said...

Great run! Hey, you're doing Chicago, too? I'm heading out to cheer on my friend in her first marathon. I'll have to keep an eye out in the 40,000 crowd! :)

D said...


Anonymous said...

ah, the memories of the area around Macalester. I went to school and ran there.. now living and running in Oregon. Now, where do you find a "hilly run" in the area?? I guess "hills" are all relative. :)

Chad said...

Sara, yeah I'm doing Chicago. I'll cheer for you at IM Madison if you cheer for me at Chicago.

E.M., this particular tempo run wasn't that hilly. We ran on Edgecomb from Davern, across Snelling past the Highland golf course - twice.

There are some hills (for this area) on Davern, St. Claire, the TCM course up to U. of St. Thomas. And if you get into downtown St. Paul there are tons of hills and stairs.

Greg said...

"He achieved success using traditional approaches to running, like logging 100-mile weeks."

Funny how you don't see any elites doing the POSE or CHIRunning thing, but you see plenty of them logging 100-mile weeks.

I don't know a thing about Chirunning either, but it sure smells like a gimmick to me.

Nice workout!

mouse said...

thank you for repeatedly giving the "higher mileage pays off in the long run" (pun not intended) lesson. I keep having to remind myself of this when i'm out doing long runs on Wednesday nights. It helps to hear it from someone else too instead of just hearing me say it to myself!

Chad said...

mouse, thanks. Sometimes I think I just keep repeating the same message over and over. Maybe it'll sink in. Then again, maybe it'll drive people away from my blog.