Tuesday, August 22, 2006


And so it starts. My oldest daughter has gone over to the dark side. Yes, she had he first soccer practice last night. I’m still holding out hope that she’ll come back. Only time will tell. But it looks like my next 8 weeks will be filled with “action packed” games that end tied at 0-0.

This is just a reminder that; I. Must. Run. In. The. Mornings. Yesterday I figured I’d run in the evening – after practice. Even though we got home around 7:15, by the time the girls got to bed I didn’t feel like exercising at all. So I took the day off – no biking or anything. A big goose egg in the log book. I did this with the condition that I’d double-up today.

That brings me to today’s survey. You just completed a nice weekend of running; 20 miles Saturday and 15 miles on Sunday. Now you have the following 4 choices, which do you pick (and why)?

1) High Mileage Hank: Easy run Monday, easy run Tuesday morning AND a hard workout Tuesday night.

2) Everyday Eddie: Easy run Monday, hard workout Tuesday.

3) Soccer Dad Chad: Day off Monday, easy run Tuesday morning AND a hard workout Tuesday night (same mileage as Everyday Eddie).

4) Recovery Reggie: Day off Monday, sleep in Tuesday, hard workout Tuesday.

At the beginning of the week I wanted to be Hank. This morning I nearly turned into Reggie. Luckily I managed to remain Chad.

Today is the 22nd. Since Chicago is October 22nd, that means I have 2 months left. With this milestone I’m going to try and focus on eating better – mainly just by cutting out the garbage. I took a step in the right direction this morning. Our neighbors gave us some salt water taffy for watching their cats while they were gone. As some other bloggers would say “I heart salt water taffy.” It turns out I’m the only one in our family that hearts said treat. Since I can’t imagine that a pound of taffy around my waist will be much help in 2 months, I brought it to work where it will no doubt be gone by 5 PM. Nothing like fattening up your co-workers.

Quote of the day;

“One time I asked Clarence DeMar why the Orientals and Finns were such good runners and he said, ‘They don’t eat as much as we do.’” – Johnny A. Kelly


Bart said...

I hope I'd be Eddie, but I'd probably be Reggie. I still find it too easy to convince myself to take a day off. I'm much more consistent when I'm working off a schedule.


Anonymous said...

Reggie all the way. Monday is generally my off day. Every once in a great while you have to rest to let the training sink in.

Arcane said...

Geez, that assumes that I can do 35 miles in two days! I think I'd be Reggie though.

A Deal Or No Deal said...

I don't know if 35 miles is a lot for you, but I'd take the second option. If I had the time, I'd take the first option.

I had a similar few days. I cut Sunday's long run short because I felt like throwing up from breakfast and gave myself the evening off instead of finishing up the second half. I didn't feel like running Monday and only ran a half hour today. I felt like I could use being lazy, however.

Thomas said...

I'd opt for Eddie.

And soccer isn't the Dark Side, it's the Beautiful Game. Our 5 or 6-a-side indoor games usually end in a scoreline similar to 15-13. It very much depends on the size of the teams and the pitch.

Chad said...

Interesting comments. Double, you're probably running twice Monday AND twice Tuesday. Hence the name "Double."

The one reason I like Soccer Dad Chad over Everyday Eddie is because you get 1 day completely off and then you make your hard day, hard.

Thomas, we'll see about soccer. Evan said he rather watch 5 year old play soccer than professional American football. That's just crazy talk.