Thursday, September 22, 2005


What happened to all the “free-time” I used to have at work? Man, I’ve been so busy, I’ve barely had time to surf running site, read blogs and update my own blog. Normally I like to keep entries separated by date, but if I do that for the last 3 days, they’d probably be 3 short, boring entries. Instead I’ll post 1 medium, boring entry.

“Double” was in town again this week and we were able to get together Tuesday evening for a run. To help with logistics and saving time, he just met me at my house. We ran along some of the bike paths in the next suburb over, near my old house. Part of the course has some miles marked. We both felt flat, but I was still surprised to see that we were barely under 8:00-pace. It sure felt harder. After 7 miles into our 9 mile run we finally started to feel better and pick up the pace. Or did we pick up the pace and then start to feel better? Either way it was a nice run.

Wednesday I decided not to run. Instead I joined some co-workers for a 50 minute bike ride over our lunch hour. We had great weather, 70 degrees and sunny. Afterwards, the company gave us box lunches and we had a little picnic.

This morning I decided to do a progression run. I probably “need” an anaerobic workout more than a progression run. However, with tomorrow’s 2 mile “race” and Saturday’s 10k, I didn’t want to push things too much. So I thought I’d try out my newly marked miles and see what happens. Since it was dark, I took all my splits but didn’t look at them till I was finished. I ended up running 8:33, 8:04, 7:27, 7:13, 6:55, 6:54, 8:30.


Anonymous said...

Good luck in the 10k on Saturday Chad. I (as you know), am running Al's Run the same day w/ Ryan, Double, and Co. It will be interesting to see how much I've improved from my previous races this year; the 8k in 30:22 at the end of April, and the 37:10 10k on July 4. I'm hoping to run in the 28's, but just want help win the team title and put out a solid effort that I can recover from and be ready for Lakefront 8 days later. Make sure you post your race results. Take care...

brent said...

thanks for the marathon tips "zeke". i will make it a point to stop at all the water stops. in terms of the looking behind me before i of my greatest fears is getting in the way of someone who is faster and really knows what they are doing. i don't want to mess someone else up!! i sure hope i don't. here's to hoping it all goes fine.

Chad said...

Nice job Peter, 29:11 is very solid. 6 weeks prior to running 2:58, I ran 29:15 for 5 miles. You have the speed, the question will be whether or not you have the endurance. Only one way to find out.

Brent, don't lose sleep over it or anything. It's just like driving; pay attention when you're changing lanes and use common sense.