Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I decided to head to the Macalester track again tonight and join my teammates for a track workout. Not surprisingly the numbers were down. There were probably only 5-6 of us there. With Jenna running the marathon and Jim running the 10 miler on Sunday, they were just doing a pace run. Two others were doing 400s. That left me all alone to do my 6 x 800 workout. Although I ran them by myself, it was nice to have other people on the track too.

After running 30:02 (6:01 pace) 3 weeks ago then 39:30 (6:22 pace) last weekend, I wasn’t really sure what to expect tonight. During that 3 week stretch I’ve really only done 3 VO2max-boosting workouts. Last year I did a lot of 800 meter workouts and I finally started getting under 2:50 towards the end of the year. So I was really happy with tonight’s times; 2:47, 2:46, 2:48, 2:48, 2:49, 2:52. On the first 4 I was going through 400 meters in 82, then fading. On the last 2, Matt suggested going out slower, then bringing it home quicker. I got the first part right with an 84 and 85, but never really brought it home. In between the reps I took a “400” meter jog. Actually it was longer since I ran in lane 3. Time-wise, my rests were 2:35, 2:43 (water), 2:52, 3:09 (water, brief pacing chat with coach), 2:49. Last year I think my rests were all 800 meters or close to 4:30. If so, that means tonight’s workout is one of my best in awhile.

So what does it all mean? Right now I’m planning on running 3 more races this year; a 10K on 10/15 and 5Ks on 10/23 and 10/29. The 10K is flat, but it lacks competition, so it might be a solo effort. The 5Ks are supposed to be flat and fast and I’d like to get under 18 minutes.


Anonymous said...


Good to hear you are running well. Running appears to be cyclical. In early 2003 I was in a very similar position and managed a 2:48 at Boston. I then went on to have a very good year later on through the summer. I was training well then, I just couldn't hit my wheelhouse and I knew it. Sometimes we just get there and others times it is flat.

With the schedule you have, it looks set up well to break 18. Continue to do the fast turnover stuff and strides and you'll be fine. Occasionally, I like to just kill myself on a half workout for cause and effect. I think a person has to do that once in awhile.

I hear a lot of talk about Boston this year. I would like to go, but am undecided as of yet. I still yearn to go under 2:40, but the shadows are longer now. I feel I will have to get faster over the shorter stuff before making this attempt. Amazingly, as I slow, so does most of my competitors. There has to be a way to break through and I'm afraid it is found in a 6 month training regiment. At 44, this doesn't sound appealing.

Chad said...

Yeah, if I don't break 18, it would be a fairly disappointing season. Hell, I ran 6:27 pace for a half in February and only 6:22 pace for 10k in September. Granted comparing races is like apples and oranges, but still, something is not right with that comparison.

I haven't done strides for awhile, I need to add them back in my schedule.

Have a great race this weekend. I can't wait to hear how everyone does. I'll be riding my bike all over the TCM course.

Boston would be fun with a big group like in 2002, but I'm not planning on going.