Monday, September 05, 2005


The thought of racing a 10k two days after Buckshot was already losing its appeal DURING Buckshot. Honestly, I didn’t think I could turn around in 48 hours and “go to the well” again. In addition, the great weather we had on Saturday had turned into 70 and muggy by this morning. Finally, I’m just starting to gain some momentum and I’d hate to take a step backwards with what had all the makings of a poor outing. So it’s no surprise that I decided not to run the Victory 10k today. Instead, I went to watch, run the course and cheer on teammates Jenna, Aaron and Jim.

This is an out and back course, so I stood near the 2 and 4 mile marks. Jenna had an awesome race getting the victory in 35:09, which is just a few ticks off her PR. She put 41 seconds on the 2nd place gal over the final 2.2 miles. Somehow I managed to miss Aaron on the course. He finished in 38:22 after going through the mile in 5:45. Jim kicked ass too, running 38:50 to win his age group by 54 seconds. Roughly 50 minutes after finishing, he doubled back with a 19:52 5k.

As for my running, I did an easy 4.5 miles yesterday because I was still thinking about racing today. Today I managed to get in nearly 10 miles while watching the race. My calves were a little stiff, but overall I didn’t feel too bad. Last week I ended up with 47 miles.

Warning: marketing pitch ahead. At the race today I ran into a college alumni who’s selling a new line of high performance apparel called Zensah. It’s seamless, moisture wicking material out of Italy that doesn’t hold odors like some high-tech materials. It sounds like they’re just getting into the U.S.

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