Monday, May 04, 2009


Thanks to Eric for sending me this comic – it’s for all the bikers and triathletes out there. I’ve never heard of the strip before, but it’s called F-minus. That may be the best name for a comic ever.

It seems like the marathon season is in full swing now as the inaugural Eau Claire and LaCrosse Marathons were held over the weekend, along with Flying Pig and Eugene. Locally, Green Bay and Fargo are coming up quickly along with more inaugural races in Minneapolis and Stillwater. Still 7 weeks 'til Grandma's.

I’d love to hear from anyone that ran either EC or LaX, especially EC since that’s where I went to college. Leave a comment or shoot me an email. Congrats to Nathan on his 2:51 PR and 3rd place finish in LaX. I know facebook is cooler than blogging now, but maybe he’ll share a race report with us.

I finished out last week with an 8 miler on Friday with Scott and a 20 miler with my Saturday group. 18 of those miles were on the trails at Lebanon Hills, so it felt like I ran more like 22 miles. I closed out the week with 67 miles. A little shy of Pfitz’s 70 miles, but I’ll take it. “Cross-training” yesterday turned into hauling 5 yards of mulch in a wheelbarrow.

I don’t remember mentioning it, but I finished April with 249 miles. That my most since last August – which also happens to be the last time I ran 67 miles in a week.

Quote of the Day;

“I realized I don’t have to race, but I do have to run.” – Don, who’s been battling injuries, during Saturday’s long run


Gregg said...

Patrick Russell won with Tony Myers close second. They both ran as "workouts". Pretty damn nice runs for workouts.
Check out the blogs for race reports.

Beth said...

Funny comic. I sent it to my triathlete friends.