Sunday, May 17, 2009


I just wrapped up my third week at 67 miles. Nothing special about that number - Pfitz scheduled weeks of 68, 70, 68, 70, but I've added a mile here and there and subtracted a couple of PM runs of 4 miles.

Last week's highlights were a 15 mile run on Tuesday, 12 with 7 @ LT on Thursday and 22 miles yesterday.

After gradually getting faster and running longer during my first 3 tempo runs, Thursday's run was a step back - at least regarding the pace. With blustery conditions, all I could manage was 7 miles at 6:50 pace. Given that my first such workout 5 weeks ago was 4 miles at the same pace, it's hard to be too critical.

It was pretty blustery for yesterday's long run too. It's the middle of May and I still wore pants and gloves. Most of the run was spent around Pike Island and Ft. Snelling in an effort to avoid the wind. I ended up running for 2:57 and felt pretty strong through about 19.

5 weeks to go and I'm feeling good.

Finally, here's my latest interview.

Quote of the day;
"Running is a long evolutionary process. The runner I was 11 years ago when I first started is nowhere close to the runner I am now. The process has taken a lot of work, dedication and patience." - Meghan Armstrong


Anonymous said...

I lied. I signed up for Lakefront 10 minutes ago.


Chad said...

Awesome. Grandma's is still open too. :-)

Beth said...

You are doing great- you said you got injured around this time last year, so I bet it feels good to be feeling fine and through that patch. It has been so windy lately. Makes it hard to get a true pace comparison.