Thursday, May 21, 2009


First off, enough already with the…




Man, the last 2 days have been ridiculous. I guess that’s what happens when it goes from 65 degrees to 95 degrees. I’m sure the people running the Stillwater Marathon this weekend are watching the weather closely.

I had a title (1 MONTH) for yesterday, but nothing to say, which kind of makes for a boring post. Grandma’s Marathon is now less than 1 month away.

Things continue to click right along, yesterday I ran an easy 6 miles and this morning Scott and I ran a strong 8. I am getting a little concerned that I’m not getting enough sleep. It has a little to do with staying up a little too late – hard to go to bed at 9 PM when it’s beautiful out and the days are getting long – but has more to do with being wide awake 30-60 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off. Maybe trying to wake up at 4:15 one day and then 5:30 the next isn’t conducive to getting into a good sleeping pattern. It’s a little weird because I don’t feel overly tired, but I have been doing my highest mileage and now I’m adding speed, so I just want to be cognizant of the little things.

Speaking of Grandma’s, if anyone is looking for a room, let me know. I’ve reserved a 4-bedroom dorm/apt at the College of St. Scholastica and we only have 3 rooms occupied. With an additional person the rooms would be about $125 for the ENTIRE weekend – none of this $200 a night crap.

Quote of the Day;

“My theme is mostly the idea of play. Of bringing back your body, or becoming yourself, a total man. When I write, I tell who I am, what I'm like, what I've discovered running. I'm not embarrassed to expose myself. I don't care what I write as long as it's true.” – Dr. George Sheehan

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Beth said...

I agree that this wind is terrible. I have had enough of it! At least the temps are lower again. Try to get some sleep.