Monday, May 11, 2009


I figured the chances of my entry form getting to New Prague in a day were slim, so I decided not to use that race as a marathon paced training run. Instead, I was able to convince Jenna to run with me for 2 hours on Thursday night before watching the TC-1 mile. I don’t think we quite got down to my marathon pace, but we were definitely in the ball park. Besides, it was 70-75 degrees, windy and sunny – conditions I’m not used to seeing when I normally run at 6 AM.

I came back 2 days later with another 16 miler at 7:30 pace. That gave me 67 miles for the week. Best of all, I’m still feeling good. This is the point prior to my last marathon where I screwed up my calf. It was during a 22 miler, 5+ weeks out. I basically missed 2 weeks of training, not to mention what it did to my psyche. Well, with a 22 miler on tap for this weekend, my goal is to avoid getting hurt and to keep my psyche in check. I gotta get through another mid-week medium-long run and my last LT run first though.

Less than 6 weeks to go...

Quote of the Day;

“Today’s work does not make us the persons we can be. Work is simply the price to be paid. Having earned our daily bread, we can turn to our daily play. Having paid our dues for survival, we can pay attention to the more serious business of living. Having taken care of our bank accounts, we are now ready to take care of our bodies and the minds that go with them.” – Dr. George Sheehan

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Beth said...

Less than 6 weeks to go! You are doing great! Sounds like your cross training is paying off. Good luck with your 22 miler.