Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The other day I was thinking about my apprehension regarding transitioning from skiing to running and signing up for a spring marathon. Again, based on everything I heard, training for a spring marathon after skiing all winter would be rather difficult. The body needs time to get used to pounding the pavement again. Plus there's the urge to ramp up mileage quickly due to the limited number of weeks to train. Of course, those things increase the chance of injury.

Well, it's interesting how 8 weeks of solid training will make all those worries disappear. While my speed might not be exactly where I'd like it yet, I've been feeling really good lately. Just walking around the office, the legs are feeling good. My 2-hour mid-week runs are becoming routine. I'm nearly at my "fighting weight". Lots of signs pointing in the right direction.

After a day off on Sunday to recover, this week started with 9 miles on Monday, including 5 x 600 meters on the track. Again, I wasn't quite able to get down to my 5K pace, but I was a lot closer than my pathetic first track workout last week. Then this morning I was up early for a nice 15 mile run - half which was run with Rick.

Quote of the day;

"My design is thin and linear. I am a nervous, shy noncombatant who has no feeling for people. I do not hunger and thirst after justice. I find no happiness in carnival, no joy in community. I am one with the writers on The New Yorker whom Brendan Gill described. They touched each other only by accident, were secretive about everything, and never introduced anyone properly." - Dr. George Sheehan

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