Thursday, April 30, 2009


Get in Gear was probably my first real deviation from Pfitz’s plan. It’s another month before he starts including races in the plan. He likes to plan a long run the day after a race, but I just couldn’t bring myself to run 17 miles the day after Get in Gear. The fact that it was 45 degrees and rainy didn’t help either.

I ended up taking Sunday off and then running an easy 5 miles on Monday. That meant I was well rested for Tuesday’s 15 miles through Hyland Park. Yesterday was an easy 8 miles with some strides. Not sure what was going on, but my stomach was spinning all day long. I nearly took the afternoon off, but didn’t – although I was in bed by 8:30 last night.

This morning I had another LT run planned. I thought for sure it was going to be miserable. My stomach still felt weird and I try to think of every possible way I could adjust my schedule and still get in all my runs this week. Being Thursday already, my options were really poor, so I forged on.

As a reminder, 3 weeks ago I ran 4 miles at 6:50 pace and last week I ran 5 miles at 6:47 pace. Last week my first couple of miles were like 6:55 pace, so I was prepared to see 7:00 on my watch today. I was pleasantly surprised to see 6:39 for the first mile. From there it was 6:42, 6:41, 6:31, 6:41 and 6:50 – for a total of 6 miles at 6:41 pace. That’s still not quite as fast as McMillan says to run (6:30 pace) based on my 10K time. But as long as I’m getting faster AND adding a mile each time, I’m happy.

Speaking of McMillan, he predicts a 3:04 marathon for me based on that same 10K time. Since I’ve just been trying to get back into running shape, I really haven’t been thinking about a goal for Grandma’s. However, as the saying goes, “A goal unwritten is a wish.” And since “A written goal is a dream with a deadline.” I’d better put some thought into a goal.

Of course, what comes to mind immediately is sub-3. Last year I ran 3:12 at Boston and 3:05 at TCM. I don’t want to fall into a routine of always being close, but never dipping under again. And while I initially thought sub-3 would have to wait until the fall, I think I’m seeing enough improvement week over week to take a crack at it on June 20th.

Quote of the Day;

“I know only two things. One, I will be dead someday; two, I am not dead now. The only question is what I shall do between those points.” - unknown


Wayne said...

You are certainly in the right path. An increase of miles at a faster pace with the same effort is always a great sign of improved fitness. I think you can have a good crack at sub-3 in June.

In my opinion, I don't think you should be too concern about running the exact pace McMillan calc says to run.

Gregg said...

I agree with Wayne... you are on the correct path and just keep doing what Pfitz has planned and you will run solid. You're doing something right to improve in the manner you are doing. Just maintain and good things will follow.