Friday, February 01, 2008


Not much going on lately. Windchills were -30 to -40 on Wednesday morning, so I stayed in bed and enjoyed a complete day off – no running, no skiing, no worries. Thursday morning I skied for 45 minutes.

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s easy days left me feeling great for this morning’s hill workout. After a 4 mile warm-up, I completed 8 reps of the Bush Lake Road Hill. A mile cooldown gave me 10 miles for the day.

I ended January with 258 miles on 22 days of running. In addition, I skied 10 times for another 63 “miles” – using my 9-10 minutes/mile calculation.

As Adam pointed out in a comment the other day, as long as I continue doing my key running workouts, skiing on my recovery days should be a great addition to my training. While there are probably a couple of more days that I could have run during the last two weeks, I feel like I’m still getting in solid hill workouts and long runs. Plus I feel a lot fresher – physically and mentally.

I’ll end the week by mentioning that Carrie Tollefson and Emily Brown have updated their journals. Also, I just came across this interview of Kristen Nicolini-Lehmkuhle.

Quote of the day;

“The last thing you should do to be healthy is run a marathon.” – Dr. Marvin Adner, medical director for the Boston Marathon

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