Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Not much is new. It turns out my legs recover A LOT faster from a ski race than a running race. My legs felt great on Monday. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year when the snow melts during the day, covers the paths, and then freezes at night. As a result, my 10 mile run on Monday wasn’t much more than a shuffle.

Yesterday I skied for an hour. Of course, the ski trails are affected much like the running paths this time of year – melt during the day, freeze at night. The icy conditions made it really difficult to get an edge with my ski. I may have to wait for some fresh snow before heading out again.

This morning I wanted to get back into the habit of a mid-week medium-long run. Luckily the paths were clear and I was able to get in 14 miles before work.

Treadmill update; the deck has been replaced, but the service guy said the motor is almost shot. Maybe that explains why the treadmill has been extremely loud lately. I’ve even been wearing earplugs when I use it. We’re still waiting to hear back from them regarding whether or not they have another motor in stock.

In case you missed it, it appears runners now become Masters at age 35. The link said it’s been 35 for women for awhile, but I never knew that. I’m still not sure if this applies everywhere and to all events. Seems like kind of a bummer for someone like me who’s 38.

Quote of the day;

“We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.” – Georg Hegel


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news about the Masters age now being 35 - I had missed it. I guess I just don't pay attention to races that recognize a masters champion. Broadcasts of races don't focus on a masters level, only on the male and female winner; and local races are divided into age groups, so whichever groups are in the masters category gets lost in the shuffle.


Sunshine said...

I can't imagine how women can put up with the term "Master's". That is so so a male gender term.

But anyway, with all your skiing, I wonder if you are looking forward to spring.

Chad said...

Hey Bart, I was mainly concerned about how it affected the local team circuit.

Ardis, you know, 6 weeks ago I was ready for winter to be over. Now I'm up for 6 more weeks. Anyone with me?

Gregg said...

Help me out here? Is this just Track and Field? Are all road races now masters age 35? What about the marathons.... there are many fast 35 year olds????

Chad said...

Gregg, you know I thought it was everything, but when I re-read the article it says "Masters T&F competition".

I just went to the USATF MN site and looked at the Team Circuit rules and it says; "Team members scoring for the masters division must be at least 40 years of age."

It kind of makes sense that this would only apply to T&F because they said 35-39 year old women have been Masters for a few years now, but I've never seen anything about that in terms of road racing.

As far as fast 35 year olds, locally, Kelly Mortenson is 35.