Thursday, February 07, 2008


I had to rely on Evan to help motivate me to go for a run. He was willing to get up early and drive halfway across town to meet me in Bloomington for a run before work. Since our 6 AM meeting time would only allow me to run for an hour before work, I decided to get there early and attempt a make-shift hill workout. I managed four hill repeats and 45 minutes of running before returning to meet Evan. From there we had a pleasant 8+ mile run in crisp single-digit temperatures. All together I had 1:48 of running and called it 14 miles. So far, that makes 35 miles for the week on two runs - not a lot of mileage, but a nice average.

Unfortunately, Evan is heading back to New Zealand this weekend, so I’ll have to find another source of motivation. We both agreed that if I start adding in some tempo and MP workouts, I should be able to run fairly well at Boston. Heck, I’ve probably already run more 20+ mile runs prior to a marathon than ever before with five such runs ranging from 20-24 miles. If the snow melted quickly, it’d definitely help out my run training. But with another cold snap coming this weekend, it may be awhile before the white stuff is gone.

Quote of the day;

“To run a [mile] world record you have to have the absolute arrogance to think you can run a mile faster than anyone who’s ever lived; and then you have to have the absolute humility to actually do it.” – Herb Elliott

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Evan Roberts said...

It was good for me too! Needed to get an early start on the day, and it ended up being my first run over 90 minutes in more than two weeks.