Monday, February 04, 2008


Saturday the girls went to see the Hannah Montana movie. Given that it already cost like $50 for just my wife and girls to go – I opted for 90 minutes of free skiing. I’m definitely using different muscles because although I have no problem running for 3 hours, 90 minutes on skis is about all I can handle.

After starting the week with a 20 miler, I finished the week with a whopping 37 miles in 3 runs, plus 20 more ski “miles”. I guess the good news is those 3 runs consisted of a long run and 2 hill workouts.

Sunday the girls went to a baby shower, so I had lots of “me time.” I drove to the lakes so I could get in a long run while watching the City of Lakes Loppet. I wasn’t really sure where or when the skiers would be coming or how well I’d be able to see them from the paths. I was able to figure things out pretty easily and even did an okay job of spectating while getting in 21 miles.

I guess if nothing else, between the long runs and the hill workouts, I’ll at least be able to run halfway decent at Boston. I probably won’t be in 2:50 shape – maybe not even 3:00 shape – but I’m okay with that right now.

A look at the ski race results show a former college teammate in 19th place, frequent commenter, Adam, in 128th place, and my latest interview in 134th place. Another thing I noticed is that out of 709 finishers, only 131 where women. That’s less than 20%, which seems low.

In other racing news, it looks like a lot of Minnesotans made there way down to Naples. results show a couple of age group winners from the state, including another former college teammate and the wife of a frequent commentor. Congrats.

Quote of the day;

“I wish I learned to ski really early, so I could have taken it further than I was able to take it.” - Jan Guenther


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious, please don't take this the wrong way, but it seems like you're backing off on your expectations for Boston somewhat yet still running the race. Is this a change in philosophy from what you were feeling back in sept/october when you decided to forgo the TCM:

"Yes, I’m sure I could go out and run 26.2 miles. I may even be able to run around 7:00 pace – at best. But, thinking long-term – as in next year – I think the costs exceed the benefits; costs being the pounding my body would take and the number of weeks I’d have to delay my next buildup due to recovery, benefits being a t-shirt and a medal."

Anonymous said...

Chad --

Thanks for the shout-out for Jan's finish at Naples -- she ran a great race. Good eye to spot that.

Glad to hear you are rediscovering some of the enthusiasm we "new runners" get.

And BTW, the Bowerman book you mentioned a couple of months ago was excellent. Thanks for the recommendation.

Chad said...

Brian, no problem. I saw your time too. I hope you enjoyed the vacation from winter.

Glad you liked the Bowerman book. After going gang busters on it, I slowed towards the end and actually just finished it tonight.