Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Matt had a good comment yesterday;

It seems like you're backing off on your expectations for Boston somewhat yet still running the race. Is this a change in philosophy from what you were feeling back in September/October when you decided to forgo the TCM.

About the only real goal I’ve stated for Boston so far is sub–3. While I did mention sub-2:50 this year, it was never directly tied to Boston.

Anyway, I probably have backed off on my expectations for Boston, since I’ve added skiing, mainly because I have no idea how the decrease in running mileage will affect my race times. However, I still think I can run a sub-3, given my current base, long runs, hill workouts, and cross training.

As for what I was feeling in September/October when I decided to forgo TCM, that’s what I’m trying to avoid by adding in skiing. I have a history of being in really good shape early in the season and then never really improving. Maybe if I back off on my running mileage, while mixing in something that’s new and exciting, I’ll be pleasantly surprised come the fall – even if it means coming into the running season a little behind what I’m used to.

And I don’t think the “new and exciting” aspect of skiing can be overlooked. There’s an enthusiasm there that’s been missing for a long time. It reminds me of some of the new running bloggers that are out there – the people that are new to the sport and are improving by leaps and bounds. That’s how I feel about skiing right now – plus I’m learning a ton. I built a wax bench last week and waxed my skis for the first time. And I figured out the difference between V1 and Open Field skiing. I always thought I was using the V1 technique, but it turns out I was Open Field skiing.

Who knew? Not me.

In a way it reminds me of learning to swim when I did triathlons. The only difference is that when I was swimming I thought “this sucks” and when I’m skiing I think “I could do this every day.”

Today I had a hill workout on the schedule, however, we received about 2-3” of fresh snow yesterday. The decision between skiing on fresh snow and trying to run repeats on a slippery hill was easy – I skied for 75 minutes. In the process I learned that for ever runner cursing how poor footing can be with just 3 inches of snow, there’s a skiing rejoicing the same snowfall.

Quote of the day;

“If you end up really loving skiing, you make a ton of time for it. And there are a lot of runners who’ve done that. But you do end up not running because it’s hard to do both unless you have a lot of free time.” - Jan Guenther


Anonymous said...

Are you dissing swimming....it is an acquired taste!

Chad said...

Ummm, yes Heidi.

I wish I enjoyed swimming half as much as running or skiing, but I don't.

Anonymous said...

Tell you the truth I don't like it nearly as much as running but with all these injuries I have learned to appreciate it.

Adam said...

I have to confess that I'm with you on skiing vs. swimming. Maybe if a person grows up as a swimmer they can honestly look forward to it. Or, speaking from experience (of being a bad swimmer), maybe if they are good at it they look forward to it. With tri season around the corner and probably 4 weeks of ski season left, I'm reluctantly going to trade the trails for the pool sometime soon. ... In the meantime, the new snow is great!

Did you get any ski race impulses from watching the City of Lakes Loppet? There are still a few races left on the calendar you know.

Chad said...


I think the answer is quite clear, YOU need to start skiing. Given your injuries, you should give it a try. Go see Jan today!


I've been kicking around the idea of jumping in race - perhaps the Korteloppet. But you know what, I'm just as happy skiing my myself and working on technique. Either way, I'm happy.