Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It seems like once every 3 or 4 weeks I have a night where I wake up (or am woken up) and can’t get back to sleep for 60-90 minutes. Last night was that night. Katie woke us up because she couldn’t find a stuffed animal and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. One second I couldn’t get comfortable, then there was a draft, then my underwear was all bunched up, then it felt like I was drooling, etc. I basically tossed and turned before eventually falling back to sleep.

When I finally did wake up, I was greeted by howling winds and single digit temps. Given the missed sleep and the weather, I really wanted to crawl back into bed. However, I know tomorrow’s weather is only going to be worse. I bartered with myself, saying, if I ran today, I may be able to take tomorrow off since I haven’t had a complete day off in over two weeks. So I ventured out for an hour-long run that included 6 big hill repeats.

One of my goals for the year was to run 1,000 miles during a 3-month stretch this winter. As one of my former co-workers would say, I “kind of, sort of” accomplished that two weeks ago. I say “kind of, sort of” because I needed to convert my x-c skiing time into running mileage to make it happen. I got as close as 980 running miles before my recent string of skiing brought my running totals down. Anyway, I basically converted 9-10 minutes of skiing to 1 mile of running, so 45 minutes of skiing would equal 5 miles and an hour of skiing would equal 6 miles. Doing this and adding it to my running mileage, put me at 1,000 miles on January 13th.

The significance of 1,000 miles within 3 months, dates back to college and I originally wrote about it here, roughly two years ago when I first achieved it.

Finally, awhile ago I mentioned a Running Times article on Team USA Minnesota. At the time it was just in print. Well now I see they have it online too. So if you didn’t pick up a copy, be sure to check out the website.

Quote of the day;

“The first workout Carrie [Tollefson] and Katie [McGregor] did together they absolutely killed each other. It was more intense than a race. When they were done, I told them, 'OK, now take a couple days to recover, and when you come back, we'll try to work at a level you can maintain an entire season.” – Dennis Barker


Kurt said...

Yea i liked that Team USA MN article as well. How about the great one in the same issue on the marathon runners from Japan. Very good !!!

Keep up the good training.

Sunshine said...

1000 miles: congratulations on reaching your goal!