Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Last week I mentioned this Nutritional Survey that my neighbor’s sister is conducting. My neighbor was kind enough to drop off a 6-pack yesterday for “all my efforts.” Even though he’s a mountain biker, he’s pretty cool that way. I thought if I hyped "his" bike company, maybe I’d get a case of beer out of the deal. Just kidding. But if you’re in the market for a new bike, go check them out.

Maybe I’m the only one, or maybe my neighbor is the exception, but I kind of find it odd that he’s not into “The Tour”. Are bike riders so niche that mountain bikers don’t care about road bikers – and neither of them care about triathletes? Is that like road runners not caring about track or cross-country runners? Or maybe it’s like marathoners not caring about ultra marathoners. Who knows?

Anyway, I jumped on the treadmill for 11 miles last night, including 6 at 6:57 pace. Not spectacular, but given that it was my first longer tempo since Grandma’s, I was happy with the result.

Plus, I know the results would have been better if I hadn’t eaten one of these in the afternoon. Apparently, they give me the shits. I guess that’s good to know - at least for me (maybe not you). I’ll keep that info in my own Nutritional Survey.

I’m also back to adding some strengthening exercises to my routine. In addition to some core work, I’ve added some wall squats with a fitness ball behind my back. I’ve also added lunges onto one of these stability pads. The squats and lunges will hopefully help with the knee pain I’ve been having, off-and-on, for several months.

Quote of the day;

“Road racing is rock ‘n roll; track is Carnegie Hall.” – Marty Liquori


Evan Roberts said...

If you're going to have the shits then on the treadmill is the best place for them, right?

On this topic I might say I'm grateful for two things about New Zealand running: no poison ivy, and the tree known amongst hikers and runners as "bushman's toilet paper."

They say: "The large and leathery leaves are highly useful for a number of purposes, hence its common name of bushmans friend. It makes a practical paper on which letters have been written but is best referred to as bush toilet paper."

Chad said...

Evan, I always knew you were a wealth of information.

Yeah, having the shits on the t'mill is alright, but I'd prefer it not be while I'm attempting a tempo run.