Monday, July 30, 2007


My last post asked some somewhat rhetorical questions about adding more tempo runs into mix since I seem to respond very well to them. As usual, Gregg gave some good advice, basically stating that I should mix up a longer MP with a shorter, more intense, LT workout – and make sure that my easy days are truly easy. This is kind of the way I was leaning when I posed the questions. I need a little more variety than just a bunch of longer runs at 6:50 pace. Plus, I need to think about adding in a short, but important hill phase.

Seeing how I didn’t think I’d get much response here, I posted the same questions on this somewhat regional forum.

Friday I was looking at my training leading up to Grandma’s, focusing on the number of workouts per week. I labeled any thing that was either tempo, hills, MP, race or over 18 miles as a workout. Based on those criteria, during the months of December – May, I averaged 1.7 workouts per week. 1.7 workouts per week over a 6 month stretch!!! That doesn’t sound like a hard/easy schedule to me. It’s more like hard/easy/easy/easy. It seems like there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Saturday’s run had me thinking about this a little more too. I joined a group and ended up running 16 miles. Based on the criteria above, this wouldn’t qualify as a hard day – even though the 7:05 miles in the middle of the run had me feeling different. So that raises more questions, should I 1) slow down and add more miles, 2) drop the pace or 3) change my criteria, to make this a hard day? 1 and 2 are difficult during a group run. I thought about either getting to the group runs early to add-on a warm-up or getting my long runs in by myself. We’ll see...

Anyway, Saturday’s run gave me 70 miles for the second consecutive week. After weeks of 66, 70 and 70, I’m going to cut back to 50-55 this week. To help accomplish that, I took yesterday off. It was my first day off in 24 days.

Dang, this is getting to be a long post. If you’re interested in Team USA Minnesota at all, check out this article. Also, this article on Brad Lowery fell through the cracks.

Quote of the day;

“In this sport, there's a fine line between running great and not running at all. Brad is finding out that when you get in really good shape, it's important that you don't go over the edge.

You could end up not being able to compete at all, or not being able to run your best. We're working on getting him to do good solid workouts instead of trying for great ones all the time.”
- Team USA Minnesota coach Dennis Barker.


Evan Roberts said...

Those Saturday runs are like half workouts. Nothing wrong with that so long as you're getting in the actual workouts.

Averaged out over 6 months 1.7 workouts a week isn't so bad, since there's a stretch of winter and some recovery weeks where you might have done 0 workouts. Basically that's two workouts a week in the weeks you're doing workouts which is about where you should be for marathon training, so long as those are relatively lengthy workouts.

Chad said...

Evan, yeah I was probably understating the 1.7 a little bit, but there still seems like there's room for improvement.