Thursday, July 05, 2007


That sound you hear is me (hopefully) pulling my head out of my ass.

You know something is wrong when your wife asks, “When are you going to start running again?” and you’ve been running for the last 2 weeks.

I take it she’s either 1) getting sick of having me around because I’m not running as much, 2) she senses my frustration recently and wants me out of the house more or 3) she’s amazed by all the projects I’ve completed (or at least plan to complete) around the house lately.

Yesterday was a reminded that if I want to run from home, I have to do it early in the morning – especially on holidays. I kept telling myself I’d go later, but never made it out the door. Maybe that had something to do with my leg feeling pretty good this morning. I made it 6 relatively pain-free miles. I could still feel my leg, but it wasn’t painful. I still don’t have a lot of confidence in it, so I’m planning on visiting the doctor tomorrow. I think I’ll have her look at my knee too and see if she notices anything. It hasn’t been bothering me lately, but it’s the one that acts up every time I bump my training load.

Question for other bloggers; Did anyone else get an email from Accelerade about getting some free product for agreeing to write about it on your blog? I’m sure it was a form letter; Dear (enter name here), I’ve been reading (enter blog name here) and it’s really great… Anyway, I was curious if anyone had any experience with this. Even given the form letter, it looked pretty interesting. I may take them up on their offer.

Here’s another interview if you’re interested.

Quote of the day;

“I am huge believer of the Lydiard system. I really feel mileage is the key to successful marathoning and Lydiard is a huge proponent of this. I think sometimes people think there is a magic pill or track session that will produce results but a lot of it lies in the mileage, while throwing in some of the quicker stuff to spice it up from time to time.” - Chris Grossinger


Trisaratops said...

Definitely should take them up on it! No Accelerade form letter came my way. Then again, I'm writing absolutely NOTHING about racing, running, or triathlons really at all lately. Just how much I miss 'em. Sigh......... :)

Eric said...

I got the e-mail. It seems like a reasonable deal, and I use a 4:1 recovery drink (Slim-Fast) pretty regularly, so I figure it's worth my time to review their product for a free case of something I would normally pay for.

Go for it!

Ryan said...

Received a similiar offer from Hornetjuice a couple months back, which I did take them up on. Free stuff, why not? Hope the leg thing works itself out.

WynnMan said...

Hey Chad, thanks for the post and sorry about the error, I knew one of them was pretty close. Enjoy reading your sites!

maybe bump into you at a race sometime soon!

have a good one


Chad said...

Yep, I signed up.

Ryan, Hornetjuice? Never heard of it.

Wynn, no problem. Normally I wouldn't say anything about 3 minutes, but it's the difference between the Olympic Trials.

qcmier said...

I sort of wish I got that emial from Accelerade. I love Endurox, the recovery drink.