Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The difference between running this week and the previous 3 weeks is like night and day. I’d venture a guess that the first 3 weeks post-marathon are a lot like what people who don’t enjoy running experience every time they do run. You’re tired and achy all the time and none of the runs are very fulfilling. It’s no wonder they hate running. They never make it to that euphoric 4th week.

After putting in 74 miles in 3 weeks, I’m on-pace for over 60 miles this week. A lot of that has to do with having a leg that doesn’t hurt like hell. Note to self: don’t wait 3 weeks to make an appointment with Jenna in the future. I guess the good news about waiting 3 weeks is that it “forced” me to get in a nice recovery period.

Besides my leg feeling better, I just feel like I have a lot more energy. Yesterday I ran 8 miles and today I ran 10. I’m sure the cooler temps help too, as during today’s run it was 58 degrees – in mid-July!!! During the run I was wishing I could get in a nice 2-hour mid-week run, but I don’t think I’m ready for those yet.

Here’s another interview for those that are interested.

Quote of the day;

“No, I didn’t study running very much. I started running to lose weight. The science part of running doesn’t really interest me. I enjoy competition and being outside. I think I improved because I raced a lot and added mileage.”Jim Ramacier


Anonymous said...

Do you think the miles you’ve run over the last three weeks are important for your recovery and preparation for a fall marathon or whatever is next on your schedule? I tend to avoid running and either take it easy or cross train (bike or walk mostly) after a marathon until I really feel like running again.


Evan Roberts said...

Please don't mention 58 and sunny again. It's depressing ...

Chad said...

Bart, good question. I'll address in a post later today.

Evan, I never said it was sunny. But now that you mention it, yes it was sunny. What's going on in New Zealand; 35 and rain?

Evan Roberts said...

There were 3 days in a row of 35 and rain. But there have been some days of 45-50 and sunny. I can't complain, it's great base building weather.