Friday, December 02, 2005


Do you ever wish that (running) clothes would wear out faster so you could get some cool new stuff? I was at a local running store the other day and they have some really nice, technical cold weather clothing. I saw some really neat jackets. The problem is I already have about 5 running jackets. Heck, I still use the Sporthill jacket I got in college 13 years ago.

Earlier this fall I got a new Zensah seamless, long sleeve shirt. At the time I posted a link to the site, but never talked about the shirt – or how to get a 20% off discount if you’re interested.

Usually, I’m not a big fan of the form-fitting shirts. In fact, I’ve never owned one before. With this shirt I can’t even tell I have it on. It makes a great base layer. I usually throw a t-shirt and jacket or vest over top. The shirt actually makes me feel a little chilled when I first start out, but within 3-4 minutes, I’m toasty warm. Supposedly the silver ions imbedded in the fabric help to regulate your body temperature. They also keep the shirt from stinking like other technical materials.

This product was also tested by a few local runners and written up in a regional magazine. Here’s what the two runners said,

“I’m really impressed with the fabric, that is, how it feels and how it performs. I like the smoothness and how it wicked away the water and sweat. I went for an early morning run in a light drizzle. When I got home, the top was nearly dry despite the rain and sweat.”

“I wore it on a 13 mile run, which was cool at the start, but warmed into the 50s. And then I got caught in the rain. It was the perfect run to try it out, and the shirt is fabulous. It should be excellent in the winter for layering because it’s so thin.”

If you’re interested, check out the Zensah website, but don’t place an order there. Instead, send Joe Haas an email at with a list of what you’d like to order. Mention my website and Joe will give you 20% off your order.

Finally, a couple more comments on the Yaktrax. Jim read my entry from the other day and had these comments.

“They work better in some winter situations than others. They don't help in deep snow, slushy conditions, or when roads are only partially iced or snow covered. If you have to use them on hard surfaces or exposed road, they won't last very long, even though one gets the impression that they are indestructible.”

Thanks Jim.


Chad said...

Umm, no I've never had that problem. But I've never had underarmour either.

Anonymous said...

Yes! This is the first North American winter where I don't have any gear needs. I find myself looking wistfully at the polar fleece, the polypropelene, and all the other wonder fabrics. Maybe I should just buy a pair of gloves to indulge the gear fetish.

E-Speed said...

thanks for the gear review zeke!

susan I was actually going to write a post asking runners for miracle cleansers to get the stench out of technical gear. if you find something let me know!

Chad said...

Have you guys tried Penguin Sport-Wash?

Penguin Sport-Wash - Keeps High-Tech Fabrics High-Tech.
Unlike conventional detergents Penguin Sport-Wash rinses completely and leaves no residues which can reduce the effectiveness of high-tech materials.

* Removed trapped odors from fabrics
* Restores factory applied waterproofing (DWR)
* Keeps high-tech fabrics looking and working like new
* Restores wicking properties and eliminates odor to DriFIT, Under Armour, CoolMax and engineered polyester fibers
* Factory applied waterproofing (DWR) is restored by washing in Penguin Sport-Wash and ironing or machine drying
* Restores the loft and effectiveness to down and synthetic insulation
* Removed blood and grass stains
* Prevents color fading
* Biodegradable

My parents bought me some last year. I've used it some but not exclusively, so I really can't tell the difference. Maybe I'm just not sensitive enough to the stench or maybe I should only wash my running clothes with this stuff.

Hey Evan, Zensah sells socks too. That might satisfy your gear fetish. :-)

Marmot said...

I'm always looking for a new great stuff for running. Keep on posting!