Friday, December 16, 2005


After practice last night I met with my coach to talk about my 2006 plans as well as better ways to market the training group. Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get home until 10 PM. I didn’t have the chance to set out any running clothes for the morning either, so I slept in today.

I was able to hop on the treadmill over lunch and get in a “quick” 6.5 mile progression run. I started at 8:30 pace and gradually dropped down to 7:00 pace. I threw that extra half mile in there because I ran half of a mile last week and it’s been “floating” around in my log book. I wanted to even that out. I know it’s silly but what are you going to do?

Dennis Barker of Team USA Minnesota-fame was interviewed for a regional running magazine lately. I thought he had a lot of interesting things to say, including;

MNRT: Would you advise most runners to simply build?

Barker: People are too impatient. You build this year on what you did last year. Katie McGregor’s running this year isn’t just about this year. It’s about last year. It’s about the last 4 years. We haven’t done anything different this year, really, from what we did before. It’s just that she’s stronger now, she can do more, and she can recover better. That allows her to be faster. But it’s the patience. People want to be good – right now. They think, “Well gee, I trained hard during the summer for three months. I should run a great Twin Cities Marathon.” But it just takes time. Because you’re changing body tissue, and that doesn’t happen quickly.


Unknown said...

I am glad I am not the only one who will run an extra 1/2 mile so I can deal with whole numbers in the log book.

Cliff said...

I agree...thanks for the post.

I have a one year plan but I am really training for the next few years.

Training this year is to build up for training next year and so on and so fourth.

I found it kinda ironic...that u have to take your time to train slow if u want to train fast

Chad said...

Rob and Susan, I guess that's just a personal thing. I don't mind so much running a "half" one day, but I feel like I need to even it out - hopefully by the end of the week, but definitely by the end of the month.

Cliff, yeah I think too many people, myself included, look at how they trained for the 3-4 months leading up to a marathon. Sure that makes a difference, but what about the last 3-4 years?

psbowe said...

Good information to know, especially for me; someone who just took up running more seriously since college.