Monday, December 05, 2005


After a cutback week of 35 miles 3 weeks ago, I’ve had weeks of 70 and 78 miles. The goal for this week is to build on that again and then cutback again next week. As much as I’d like to get 80+ miles in singles, that’s not going to happen – at least not this week. I have one double day planned and may need two to get in the mileage I’d like.

I’m contemplating just calculating all my easy winter mileage at 8:30 pace, rather than trying to hit an exact mileage – or maybe I should just track duration not distance. For example, this morning I thought I was running around 8:15 pace. However, when I finished, I noticed I’d been running closer to 9:00 pace. I always forget how much winter footing and being all bundled up really slow you down. Anyway, I made it 89 minutes and called it 10.5 miles (even though it was probably only 10 miles).

One thing I have noticed lately is that I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed. Maybe running in the pitch black has something to do with it, but 3 degrees at 6 AM feels colder than 3 degrees at noon. So I tend to throw on an extra shirt and gloves and maybe even wind pants.


Andrew said...

I like to be overdressed too when I first start out. Being wrapped up against the elements gives a sense of "cozy" during those first few steps. However, it's not long before I wished I had worn a little less. It's a hard to balance but I tend to err on the side of overdressed than underdressed during the winter months if only to get down the street. Sounds like the cold artic air has reached you. It will be about 4 to 5 weeks before it should settle in here - thank goodness. You must be fast, I've already slowed to 9:00 per mile at 20 degrees - who knows what I'll do at 3 degrees!

Advice on the mileage target: schedule the daily runs a week ahead and keep your appointment. If you miss an appointment (or show up late) then the week's total drops right there. I'd avoid trying to make it up if you can bear it - I know the trouble chasing the target off schedule has done to me in the past. Good luck on your build up. I am enjoying following your progress!

Mike said...

Going by duration might not be a bad plan. When the weather gets better and you have many big weeks in your legs, you will be astounded at how much farther you are running in the same amount of time. Good last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

From an exterior view, running at this time of the year appears to be a complete hassle. The cold, footing, wind, dark and general earliness of the venture appears grim. However, I find I tend to find solace in the trek and actually run more miles in the winter months. For whatever reason I get a huge sense of accomplishment and the rest of the day isn't as much of a hassle.

I can be heard remarking, "Hey, I ran 8 miles this morning." It's actually fun starting to watch the miles pile up in the log book. Winter running divides the sheep from the goats.

Richard Maas LMT, MTI said...

I am impressed. Your determination and milage are very admirable.

Chad said...

Andrew, I just posted on Marc's blog that I'm taking his approach this time. I want to build my mileage without any preconceived timelines. I don't want to get to a a certain point and say "Okay, it's time to start a hill phase - even though I don't feel ready."

It'll be interesting to follow the progress of you, Marc, Mike, myself and others that are focusing on increasing their mileage.

Yeah Mike, my body has no idea what I write down in my log book. The main thing is to put in the work.

Double, I agree. There's something about just getting out everyday and putting in the miles. I "discovered" that with treadmill running you don't have that same solace. Oh, and you're definitely a sheep!!!

Thanks massoman. There are lots of other bloggers (and non-bloggers) doing more than me.

Anonymous said...

Go by duration and then divide by what seems like your regular pace for the effort. Last winter I pretty much just divided minutes by 7.5 to estimate my "mileage."

I actually studied my training log last winter to try and get some sort of real estimate of how much cold/ice/snow slowed me down. 2 inches of fresh snow was worth about 5% slower, which isn't a whole lot, I think. (63 instead of 60 minutes for an 8 mile loop).

Real cold weather=more layers of clothing to lug around probably only slowed me down a minute per hour.

It's the stronger winds that really slowed things down on some runs.

Susan said...

oh good god - extra gloves? that might just put me over the edge.

psbowe said...

3 degrees?? I whine about the high twenties here!'s hard to guess sometimes.