Saturday, December 10, 2005


I admit, in some instances, I have a problem finishing what I start. I tend to do about 95% of the work and then I start thinking about what I should do next. After weeks of 70 and 78 miles, I was aiming for around 85 miles this week. I was on pace through 6 days and then I started my cutback week a day early. I didn’t make it out the door on the last day of the week. I ended up with 72.5 miles in 7 runs.

I’m not too discouraged. If I replace Saturday’s zero with last Saturday’s 12, that puts me at 84.5 miles for the “week”. As I tell other people, the body doesn’t know the meaning of a week. It doesn’t know whether my log book runs Saturday through Friday or Sunday through Saturday or anything else. The important thing is putting in the work. So while I technically didn’t run 85 miles this week, I still consider my stretch of 84.5 miles in a 7 day period to be a success; one that I will build upon after this cutback week.

I planned on running today, but things kind of unraveled. Last night was the company Christmas party. It was A LOT like a wedding reception without the bride and groom. No, I didn’t get hammered. My company actually paid for our room in downtown Minneapolis. While that was nice, it took away my opportunity for a morning run.

Next up was another adjustment from the chiropractor. She mentioned that my recent knee and arch problems are probably due to the first adjustment. My left leg was shorter than my right, so the recent adjustment could have changed my mechanics of running. She also mentioned getting new shoes.

Finally, I was going to run in the afternoon, but Kinsey wanted to go skating. I bought her ice skates last Christmas and we only went skating one time. It lasted about 10 seconds, then she wanted to go home. Today it was going okay for awhile. She’d fall on her butt and laugh. It was fun and games until she literally fell on her nose and started screaming. Amy took her to urgent care, but they weren’t able to tell if it was broken or not.

After that I didn’t feel much like running.


Duncan Larkin said...

Nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain. I hope she's ok.

E-Speed said...

Uggh I hope she is okay!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Ouch! Hope she's feeling better.

Chad said...

Thanks guys. She was a real trooper since we had to walk about 4-5 minutes to get home. She was really good until she saw mom, then she let loose.

As soon as it happened she had this red line (like broken blood vessels) across the bridge of her nose. Now it's a little bruised too.

I guess that's it for skating this year. :-)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Aww. Hope that she is feeling better, and it's not too serious!

Thomas said...

Ouch! Poor girl. I know why I don't do skating.

Congrats on the 84.5 mile week. It will be a while until I get there ;-)

Chelle said...

I was just a little older than Kinsey the first time I broke my nose...when MY dad took me sledding. 27 years later...I think I've finally forgiven him for the trauma. :\)

(That would be a smily face with a crooked nose there.)