Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I wrote some product endorsements recently. I see Duncan has too. Of course, all the “technical” gear isn’t necessary, but what else do I have to spend my money on?

Speaking of gear, I have to thank “the Moose” for convincing me not to sell my x-c skis a few years ago. They were just sitting in my basement not being used. I thought the extra few hundred bucks would make more sense. I placed an ad on a ski website and Moose was smart enough to talk me out of it. Now I wish he had talked me out of selling my roller skis. Seriously, that 200 buck really doesn’t mean much. So another of Life’s Lessons would be; “Don’t sell your gear.”

I was interested to see how last night’s skiing would affect this morning’s run. I felt no worse for the wear and made it 11 miles in 93 minutes. Again, it was about 12 degrees and I thought it was really nice. It looks like today is the coldest day in the 7-day forecast. We’re even supposed to flirt with freezing temps next week.

After my run I was thinking about something Eric and I talked about recently. I get the impression he really doesn’t want to run a marathon next year, but he also knows, at 46 years old, his window for sub-3 is closing. That got me thinking about how quickly time flies. Hell, it’s already been 3 years since I broke 3 hours. I keep thinking I have a sub-2:50 in me. But when will I make it happen? Before I know it I’ll be 46 and wondering why I never broke 3 hours a second time – let alone 2:50.


Susan said...

Oh good god - I just want a sub 4:57. (well, actually a sub 3:45)

Unknown said...

Just remember Ed Whitlock. Where there is a will there is a way.

Anonymous said...

Zeke, with your natural ability and 19th century work ethic, you could probably take down 3 hours on a 12 week Beck program easily.
Of course you'd have to lay off that hot fudge and mashed potato diet of yours.

D said...

One of these days I plan on giving skiing a try.

...mashed potatoes and hot fudge?

Chad said...

Susan, don't wait till you're old, like me. Carpe diem.

Rob, I just hope to be alive at 72, let alone breaking 3 hours.

Double, I just have to keep from getting sidetracked by things like tris and skiing. I had mashed potatoes tonight and the gravy did look like hot fudge. Did you see that Leinie's has a new Apple Spice beer out? I'll have to try that soon.

DGC, skiing is a blast. Growing up I used to ice skate nearly every night - skate skiing is obviously a lot like that.

Susan said...

Ummm, you do realize that I am only about 6 months younger than you?

Woe is me, I'm officially old. I knew this day was coming.

Chad said...

Yeah, I knew that. That's what makes it so "funny".

Richard Maas LMT, MTI said...

You people! Talking about being old and all of you under 50!

Haven't tried x-c sking. Downhill rocks. It may be the only sport where you use all your effort to control and go slow enough to not fly off the mountain.

D said...

Massoman - not only UNDER 50 - WAY UNDER 50..... :0