Monday, December 19, 2005


So a week ago I logged a zero on the last day of my build week. Then I made my cutback week 8 days instead of 7, by skiing yesterday. I was beginning to feel like I lost the determination I needed to get my mileage where I want it. That changed today.

I woke up at 4:30 to the coldest temp so far this winter; -7 degrees with a wind chill of -20. Too cold to run with Bailey so I took her for a quick walk. It really didn’t feel that bad. I didn’t feel any wind, so that helped. Normally, I don’t like to run with a facemask because it gathers condensations and gets all clammy, but I wore one today.

I thought it’d be interesting to list everything I wore this morning.

Wind brief
Old running pants cutoff at the knee
Thick running pants
2 long sleeve shirts
1 t-shirt
Thick running jacket
Thin gloves
Lobster mitts
Facemask – actually it’s a thin helmet liner
Vaseline on the face

That was enough to keep me warm for 12 miles in 1:43. I wish I would have had a camera when I was done because my grey (or is it gray?) hat was completely covered in white frost. My thin, pliable facemask felt like it had been dipped in plastic. My eye lashes were frosting over. There was a chunk of ice on the collar of my jacket. What fun!?

Luckily it looks like this will be coldest day of the week. So getting 12 miles in was a confidence booster.


Unknown said...

Alright already, I get the idea. So 20 degrees isn't exactly bitter cold. Nice job on the 12.

Chad said...

Ha, it's all relative, isn't it?

D said...

Nice job Zeke! Frozen eyelashes?

Thomas said...

brrrrrrrrrr. I'll never complain about the wind and the rain in Ireland again.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Hi Zeke! Good tip about the Vaseline on the face. I don't like to run with a face mask, either. I am going to try the Vaseline trick tonight when I run.

Chad said...

Thanks guys. Buckeyerunner, the vaseline just takes the sting off. I recently read about a similar product, but I can't remember what it was called.

Susan, these are lobster mitts.

Cliff said...

lobster mitts is where u take the shell of the lobster and use them as mitts.

U know..lobster live in the deep cold ocean...their shell must be well insulated to keep their body warm. :)

Good job on the there is some bragging rights :D

Chad said...

Cliff, now if I were Andrew in Maine, you'd probably be right. However, there aren't many lobsters in Minnesota.

Susan, I've never really thought about it. I'm sure the outside of the vaseline gets cold, but the layer that's on your skin doesn't. Hopefully that makes sense.