Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My work department went bowling tonight. We hired a new Chief Marketing Officer about 2 months ago. Apparently he’s trying to create a fun work atmosphere. I have yet to formally meet him, although he apparently knows my name since he says "hi" in the halls. I skipped the only staff meeting he’s had so far, since it occurred a half-hour after I leave for the day. I also skipped bowling, since my team trains together on Tuesday night’s. Actually, I probably would have skipped it no matter what night it fell on. But having it on a Tuesday gave me a “legitimate” excuse. A former co-worker might call those CLMs – Career Limiting Mistakes (or is it Maneuvers?).

We had a good turnout for tonight’s run – meeting at Macalester College in St. Paul. From there we headed over to the hills in the Highland Park and Mac/Groveland areas. Even with the good turnout, not many were pushing the pace – probably because many of them are racing either a 25k or a 50k relay on the trails of Hyland Park this Saturday. I’m not racing - I'm opting for a 10k on the 30th instead.

Just like last Tuesday, I ended up chasing Jenna all night. I didn’t feel quite as good as last week, so it felt like I was way behind her. We ended up running just over 70 minutes. It was probably more like 9.5 miles than 10, but I don’t really like “halves” in the log book, so 10 it is.

Speaking of work, I was in a meeting this morning and found out the guy sitting in the cube across from me is my boss’s boss. He’s been here a couple of months too and I knew he was a VP, but I didn’t know that my boss reported to him. I guess you can tell how much I care about titles and career paths.

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