Friday, April 08, 2005


Ever get the feeling you have ESP or premonitions? Today I was finally able to get up at my normal time, in order to get my run in before work. I drove across town to the coffee shop near where I work. Most weekdays I park there, go for my run, get a cup of coffee then head to the office. To make things easy with my keys, I have a key chain that separates into two when you push a button. That way I can just carry my car key with me and leave my house, locker and bike keys in my car. Well, about a mile into today’s run I was thinking, “What would happen if I left my car key in my car and carried my other keys with me during my run?” Maybe it was a premonition or maybe the jingling in my pocket felt or sounded different. In any case it was a fleeting thought that I didn’t pay much attention to. I continued on with my run, getting in an easy 6 miles.

Of course you know where this is going. Once back at my car, I unzip my pocket and take out my damn house key. I look in my car and sure enough, sitting on my seat is my car key. Now here comes the (almost) cool part. I go into the coffee shop and who’s sitting right by the door? 2 cops!!! So within 2 minutes of getting back to my car, the officers are trying to get my car unlocked. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it opened (that’s why I said it was the “almost” cool part). I ended up calling a locksmith who opened my door in about 2 minutes – for $55. At least the coffee shop workers felt sorry for me, so they gave me a free coffee.

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