Thursday, April 14, 2005


Thought I’d better post the results from this morning’s run right away, since you’re all probably on the edge of your seats.

It was a great morning, 40-45 degrees, clear and no wind. I started with an easy 2 miles before picking up the pace. It took about 18 minutes to get to the track. Once I got there I just kept right on running. I ran 3 miles (okay 4800 meters) on the track in 20:38 or roughly 6:55 pace before heading back. Overall, I ran 12 miles with the middle 8 at an up-tempo pace.

I tried not to pick up the pace while on the track, but human nature may have kicked in a little. One thing is or sure, the 3 miles on the track were more stressful than the other 5 miles. There’s just something about being on a track that makes you think you have to worry about every lap and hit your splits – even though I only looked at my watch after every mile. The weird thing is the track was only about 10-12 feet wide - that made the straights look really long and the turns seem really short. At first I questioned if it was accurate or not. But given my pace and effort, I think it was.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my pace. If I only ran 3 miles at that pace it’d be a little disappointing. I have to remind myself that I ran 8 miles at that pace, not just the 3 on the track. It was comfortably hard and I know I can run faster.

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