Saturday, April 02, 2005


What better way to break in my new Skylons and shorts than with a 12 mile run? I was excited for this run with my team. We were supposed to run along the Winter Carnival Half marathon route (out-and-back) and push the pace a little during the second half. It was a beautiful morning about 40-45 and sunny. For some reason not a lot of our team showed up. Those that did – no one wanted to push the pace. Another guy and I took the lead and I doubt we were running sub-8:00 pace. We just chatted away – actually he chatted while I mostly listened.

The way back was more of the same. We probably ran about 30 seconds faster during the last 5 miles. I felt controlled that whole way but the other guy seemed to be breathing a little. That was a little confidence booster because this guy is a decent triathete and we’re usually near each other during our Tuesday hill workouts.

Funny story of the run - I nearly flattened a bikers tire for him. Two guys were coming towards us. We were in the shade and I had sun glasses on and I couldn’t see a broken bottle. I kicked it right as these bikers passed us. Luckily it missed their tires. I doubt they would have appreciated a flat tire too much.

I finished the week with 64 miles on 7 runs.

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