Tuesday, May 05, 2009


One thing I think Pfitz does well with his program is gradually ramp up mileage and tempo runs. It makes me wonder why he doesn’t do that with his VO2 workouts. Today was the first such workout for me and it consisted of 5 x 1200 meters. My next VO2 workout two weeks from now is 5 x 600 meters. Is it just me or are those in the wrong order?

Given my recent 10K pace of 6:18, I was planning on running these around 6:00 pace – or 4:30 per 1200.

Well, I wasn’t even close.

I’m talking 25 – 30 seconds SLOWER than I planned. Not only that, but the 4:55-5:00 times I was running are basically equivalent to the pace I’ve been running for my tempo runs.


Of course, I have a ton of alibis regarding why I was slow, but I’ll just keep them to myself.

In college I probably had the speed to run low 2:40s (for the marathon), but not the strength. Now I’m a lot stronger, but I don’t have any speed. That may be my “project” for the summer.

Quote of the Day;

“A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket.” – Emil Zatopek


Mike said...

Low 2:40's seriously??? That means coming through the 1/2 mile in under 1:50!

Chad said...

Sorry, I meant 2:40s for the marathon.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the speed deal. I think I am going to hit the track the summer with the crew. I will probably race most of them and I don't care what the books say. That stuff worked for me.

1200s are the hardest for me. Just can't find the right pace like 800s or 1600s.

I am so relieved I am not running a marathon this year. Of course it's not July yet.

Another thing I have done on 1200s. I didn't time them because I knew they would suck.


Chad said...

Double, yeah, I shouldn't have timed them. I probably would have been better off just running hard on a trail for 4:30-5:00 instead of going to the track.