Monday, May 25, 2009


A couple of months ago I wrote that I'd never again say that I'm "just" running xyz mileage. At the time I think I was running about 40 miles per week and it felt like a lot.

Well, I lied.

Saturday, I "just" ran 18 miles. Sure that's a lot. But seriously, when your previous week's long run was 22 and you're used to running 15 miles in the middle of the week, 18 on the weekend feels like a piece of cake. I was happy to make my way to Terrace Oaks park in Burnsville for 6 of those miles. I've skied this park a lot, but I've never run there. It was fun to see the trails in a different light. I ended the week with 64 miles.

As I've been transitioning to speedwork lately, I've been a little discouraged that I haven't been able to get down to my 5K pace - estimated at 6:00 pace. Well, today's 5K helped explain why - because that's not my 5K pace! One lap around Lake Nokomis and all I could muster was 6:07 pace. While a 19:01 would place pretty high at most local 5K races, this was the USATF team circuit 5K and I was the 105th male and 123rd overall. Complete results can be found HERE.

If there would have been chip timing, I'd have been under 19, but that's little consolation for a race I ran sub-18 at just 2 years ago. I just need to keep reminding myself that I'm training for a marathon, not a 5K. I basically have no turnover. The entire first mile (6:10) it felt like I was running a tempo run. Just after the first mile I finally started to settle into a rhythm. Although the 2nd mile was only 6:11, it was into the wind and I was able to move up on a few people. I felt strong during the last mile, passed a few more people by dropping down to 6:02 before closing in :38.

It's days like this that make me want to stick to the longer races. It's not that I ran poorly, but everyone else is so much faster. Seriously, I could possibly place 123rd out of 7,000 runners at Grandma's - last year 123rd ran 3:01. Yet in the 5K I'm 123rd out of 506 runners.

Something is out of whack.

Quote of the day;

"Fitness is my life; it is indispensable. I have no alternative, no choice, but to act out this inner drive that seems entirely right for me." - Dr. George Sheehan



I've been following your blog - sounds like you're in great shape for Grandma's! I recovered sufficiently from the piriformis injury to started running last week (actually, I started by running my wife and sister in from mile 20 in Green Bay last weekend). I'll look forward to some Saturday runs over the summer.
Nate Bjerke (your Ron Daws partner)

Chad said...

Nate, what's up? I barely recognize you in the monkey suit. Heard about your injury - that sucks. Hopefully it wasn't from the Daws 25K. You know, Grandma's is open until June 1st. I have a cheap room for you.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Brian Kraft is one of the fastest races in MN. You are not going to get a lot of joggers or beginners; half the field finished under 7 minute mile pace or faster. A 17 minute 5k still would not get you in the top 50. Pretty tough competition

Anonymous said...

In marathon training, I always like to spend some time working on getting to sub marathon pace for a few miles several days a week. Generally on the shorter runs so there isn't as much wear on the proceeding workouts.

I also like to get downhill pretty fast on the long hills. It seems to at least make me feel fast, increase turnover, and learn how to run them without going into debt.

If it's there I take it, if it's not, I leave it for another day.

This little bit seems to help on those rare occasions I run a race shorter than 5 miles.


SteveQ said...

That transition between phases of a schedule is to blame for feeling out of whack. The speedwork feels hard because it's new and the long runs are hard because your now doing speedwork.

Funny, but my lack of speed has me wanting to race shorter, as short races make me faster. Same problem, opposite response.