Friday, May 02, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. I was finally able to re-join my college friend/teammate, Scott, for a run. Scott and I had been meeting once a week for a run before work. Then his back flared up and he wasn’t running. Little did we know that’d last at least two years. Luckily he was able to cross-train a lot and maintain some solid fitness. We met yesterday and ran for an hour. Hopefully we can get back into the routine of meeting once a week.

This morning I ran a very easy 6 miles and threw in 4 strides. I’m definitely feeling pretty good and find myself way more motivated for TCM than I was for Boston - even with 22 weeks to go. I already find myself doing more core workouts and cutting out some of the garbage from my diet.

Fridays always seem like a great time to provide links to interesting site. While I wasn’t looking, I missed some articles and interviews with Carrie Tollefson, Dennis Barker, and Michelle Lilienthal (prior to running in the trials). Finally, Emily Brown has updated her journal.

Quote of the day;

“In track races, you are against one another. In the marathon, it’s the event, the distance, you have to beat.” – Ian Thompson

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