Friday, May 23, 2008


After posting about my sore toe yesterday, I thought I’d better take a closer look at it. It’s actually my middle toe not my ring toe. And the toe itself is not sore, but it’s the webbing area before the toe starts. Just thought I’d clarify. Right now I don’t have any plans to do anything about it – you know, being a stubborn runner and all.

Since I decided to scale back my mileage for the next 7 days or so, and since I’ve run 26 days in a row, I decided to take today off. It’s tough not lacing them up when the weather is so nice.

It looks like the Team USA Minnesota group has been busy updating their journals. You can find updates for Carrie Tollefson, Chris Lundstrom, and Antonio Vega.

Finally, about a month ago I mentioned my new Brian Sell look. I also mentioned becoming an uncle. Here’s proof.

Quote of the day;

“My body found a way to remove those limitations. It wasn’t out of some idea I had, or a model. It was by feel – and the need not to lose to guys.” – Dick Fosbury, highjumper and creator of the Fosbury Flop

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