Friday, May 16, 2008


My company is in the process of moving to a new building over the weekend and things are quite chaotic around here, so I’ll keep this short.

Here in Minnesota we like to bitch about the weather A LOT. Well, we should also praise it when it doesn’t get any better. So far May has been pretty freaking nice and the last 3 days have been spectacular; 40-50 degrees and calm and clear in the mornings and 60-70 in the afternoons – and no bugs (yet).

Kind of surprised by how quickly I was able to get back into the habit of 10 miles per day training. I managed 10 miles this morning with 6 strides thrown in during the second half of the run.

Finally, I’ll close with an interview I did with Emily Brown for USATF Minnesota. If you’re not familiar with Emily, she graduated from the U of M last year, joined Team USA Minnesota and has been tearing up the road, track, and cross-country circuit ever since.

Quote of the day;

“I am enjoying the ride for now but I constantly remind myself not to get too caught up in it because it could all crash down at any race. I know I am in great shape right now and mentally I am racing much better than I have in the past but I don’t want to be in my best shape right now. To be honest, I would like to have a mediocre race at some point so that I know I still have some work to do to peak at the Trials and again in Beijing.” - Emily Brown

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