Wednesday, April 16, 2008


He’s baaaack. Yes, Evan is back from New Zealand yet again. Yesterday morning we were able to meet up for a nice 8 mile trail run in Hyland Park.

At lunchtime I swung by the store. I didn’t need anything, but since it was 65 degrees out, I thought I’d better get away from my desk for awhile. Besides, I figured the visit may help fire me up a little. I ran into Laurie, who will also be in Boston, Adam, Kurt, and Matt. It’s always good to “talk shop” with those guys. Too bad my lunch break is only “30” minutes. I also saw a co-worker was there who will be running her first marathon at Fargo next month and then Grandma’s in June. That seems aggressive to me, but when you’re fired up, it’s hard to hold yourself back.

Jenna (via Michelle) sent me an Excel spreadsheet that was designed to help with pacing at Boston. It wasn’t just goal time divided by 26.2 miles. It takes into account all the hills on the course as well as different strategies (even pacing, strong finish, etc.) that you hope to employ. It is so over-the-top that I immediately thought, I wish I could put this on my blog. Then it occurred to me, Google is your friend. HERE is a link to download the file. If I ever get this anal, please shoot me.

Finally, believe it or not, not everything is about running. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned some ads that annoyed me. Recently I came across an adblog that’s kind of entertaining.

Quote of the day;

“Sometimes people would think Fargo was at altitude because I would take everyone’s breath away.” - Andrew Carlson


Anonymous said...

I don’t know this co-worker that you speak of, but she sounds really, really, ridiculously good looking. And also witty. And smart. :)


Chad said...

Oh no, now I really have to be careful about what I write.