Friday, April 11, 2008


Happy 30th birthday, Brian Sell. In your honor, I shaved my beard and now look like this.

I was going to take a self-photo, but I forgot. Maybe I’ll do that next week. I just hope I don’t get mistaken for Brian in Boston. would probably be overrun by people wondering why Sell ran 3:10, instead of 2:10.

Wednesday night I ran 8 miles with 5 miles at marathon pace. I didn’t have any miles marked and I wasn’t wearing a HRM, so I’m just guessing at the pace/effort.

Shitty weather [I won't bore you with the details - go to any other Minnesota blog if you're interested in a weather report] yesterday, so I ended up taking the day off.

Hey, it’s taper time.

Shitty weather this morning, so I slept in.

A couple of weeks ago I vaguely mentioned a fun project I was working on. The first part of that can be seen HERE. Long time readers of my blog can only imagine how hard it was for Charlie to recruit me to help out. Stay tuned for more such interviews in the future.

Normally the quotes of the day are serious. Once in awhile I have to go with something that’s fun;

“Inspired by the Golden Boy's performance in London, American youth put down their footballs and basketballs and pick up their heart monitors and inhalers. American 20 somethings quit their high salary business jobs to live in the woods to train full time and chase their dreams. American Moms and Dads of adult children collectively groan, roll their eyes, and go bankrupt.” - Less Than Their Best, referring to Ryan Hall’s influence on U.S. distance running after he wins the London Marathon this weekend

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Love2Run said...

I didn't think that was you! We want to see the new you ;-) We're due for 3-4 inches on Sat. Good luck with the taper and maybe see you in Beantown!