Monday, April 14, 2008


Not sure how you could have missed it, but Ryan Hall ran 2:06:17 at the London Marathon over the weekend. You can watch the best journalist (and my former college coach) in the sport conduct and interview with Hall HERE.

Again, not much going on with my own running. I was finally able to get on the trails for the first time over the weekend.

Since not much is going on, I’ll point you in other directions.

The more I read and hear about Andrew Carlson, the more I like him.

Be sure to check out all the other podcasts on the final sprint site.

Carrie Tollefson and Emily Brown have updated their journals too.

And here’s a fun article on natural enemies of the runner.

Quote of the day;

“Engineers can prove that a bumblebee, with its heavy body and little wings, can’t fly. But nobody tells the bumblebees. – On why Bill Bowerman’s likening some runners to bumblebees was a badge of honor


Anonymous said...

Ryan Hall is amazing. Check out the lens I made about him here:

It's got videos, trivia, polls, interviews, and an extensive biography.

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