Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, either yesterday’s trivia question was incredibly tough, or no one gives a damn. In case you missed it, here was the question;

If you look at this year’s top-3 finishers, what is unique about their performances when you compare them to the women’s trials in 2004? Hint: focus on the top-5 finishers from 2004.
To help you out, here are the results from 2004;

1 – Colleen De Reuck
2 – Deena Kastor
3 – Jen Rhines
4 – Blake Russell
5 – Magdalena Lewy Boulet

Since De Reuck withdrew due to injury and Rhines decided to focus on the track this year, it means that the top-3 returning finishers from 2004 were the top-3 finishers in 2008.

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a pretty cool stat. I’d guess that that’s never happened before in any trials – men’s or women’s. Heck, maybe it’s never happened in any other event either. I’m too lazy to research it.

Anyone else think Deena's outfit in the photo above looks out of place? And where are her flowers? It looks like she went back to the hotel and showered while everyone else was still on the course. Come to think of it, that's entirely possible with Deena.

Awhile ago Ryan posted that he wasn’t sure he could PR on Boston’s course – based on what he’d heard/read. I commented that while I didn’t PR at my first Boston, I was only 2 minutes away from my qualifying time. Therefore, I think it is possible to run a PR there. This year, after writing that I have no idea how to run that course, Ryan wanted to know if I changed my tune.

Well, I think it’s still possible to run a PR there. Yesterday I pointed out Thea’s and Phillip’s results. And Mike ran a 3-minute PR there. So, yes it’s possible. I guess I just hate seeing someone who’s never seen the course say they can’t run well there because that’s what others have told them.

Ryan, you’re still on the upswing of your running career, PRing nearly every time you lace up your shoes. I think that increases your odds of running a PR there too. Don’t limit yourself based on what you read on some message board or blog.

Quote of the day;

“For a week after your marathon, do nothing.” – Hal Higdon


keith said...

Hal might be right about that.

Adam said...

Hey Chad,
I set a 5:00 PR in my first and only Boston. Of course I was also in a dramatic improvement mode at the time which helps a lot! My next (and current) PR was also by 5:00 at 2007 Grandma's, so my marathon PR is pretty soft. Maybe I need to go to Chicago some day.

E-Speed said...

You can definitely PR Boston. One of my faster friends has his PR there, 2:30 something. Granted he has run it 15 times and probably knows the course better than most.

I PR'ed there this year but I won't count that since it is obvious the PR was due to fitness and it would have happened on any course.

But regardless it is definitely possible, maybe not probable, but it happens :)