Tuesday, April 01, 2008


In like a lion.

Out like a lion.

Four to seven inches of new snow in the metro area sure made the trees pretty. I thought some picture on my blog would be cool, but it’s easier to just post a link to Mike’s blog. Plus, you’ll get photos of the Twins there. Like I said last year, you can’t go 162-0 if you don’t win the first game.

With the new snow I decided to sleep in. I’ll jump on the treadmill for a little quality while the Twins try to make it 2-0. Plus the extra rest might help my left heel, which has been a little sore the last two mornings. Not sure if it’s PF or not. I only notice it a little walking the dog in the morning, then don’t think about it the rest of the day.

Since I don’t have any running to report, I’ll list a bunch more odds and ends that I’ve noticed lately;

We received a(nother) Yellow Pages phone book the other day. It’s seems like we get 3-4 of these a year. However, this was the first ever hardbound edition we’ve received. Not sure about you, but I think we use the Yellow Pages about 5 times a year – if that. So, why in the world do we need a hardbound edition?

I picked up the May issue of Running Times because it had Kara Goucher on the cover, along with a women’s Oly Trials preview (more on this later in the week). As an added bonus, there was an actual article on a college kid that applied Lydiard’s training to his program. I had high hopes for the article, but after reading it I didn’t feel like a learned anything.

I also picked up the June issue of Running Times. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but they’re revamping their magazine to include more articles on high school, college and Masters running. I may have to breakdown and get a subscription.

I finished Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer. I can honestly say, even though I knew her name had something to do with the Boston Marathon and women’s running, I really had no idea how much she meant to women’s running. She’s not the first woman to run Boston - that's Roberta (Bingay) Gibb, but rather the first woman to register and run Boston. She was also basically responsible for getting races sponsored, for example, the Leggs Mini-Marathon and the Avon International Marathon. Plus, she was instrumental in getting the women’s marathon added to the 1984 Olympic Games.

Quote of the day;

“As soon as I began running the distances, I found I no longer had any interest whatsoever in church or organized religion…When I ran, I felt like I was touching God, or God was touching me, every day. So the idea of only finding God one day a week inside a building seemed absurd, when for miles around in open country and wild landscapes I felt God everywhere.” – Kathrine Switzer

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