Friday, April 18, 2008


All right, what am I supposed to blog about today?

Yesterday I mentioned in an email that my legs have felt springy the last few days. That’s a nice feeling.

I finally, checked the weather and it looks good. Hopefully it won’t rain a bunch before the race so we have to sit around for 4 hours in a swamp.

Speaking of weather, I forgot to mention this about a week ago. Someone told me that the weather should be nice in Boston because it’s nice here…in the Twin Cities.


They’re like 1500 miles apart. Can you really say something about their similar weather patterns? 10 days before the event, no less.

Be sure to check out Down the Backstretch for an interview with Jenna.

Quote of the day;

“I am not certain where my fitness is right now but I do trust in the training I have followed consistently over the past 4 years is still in me and the "character building" runs this winter were beneficial mentally.” - Jenna Boren.

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