Thursday, March 01, 2007


First off, Happy Birthday to my wonderful 6 year old daughter, Kinsey. 6 years ago it was a beautiful 50 degree day – a classic “in like a lamb” day. Had Kinsey been born today, it may have been in the backset of our car, as we would surly have been stuck in rush hour traffic – made worse by a classic “in like a lion” day. Gotta love March!

Normally, I’ll write my post and then grab a quote book and add a quote of the day. If possible, I try to tie them together. Given that all I’ve been talking about lately is the weather, it’s not always possible to tie them together.

Yesterday I just wrote down the next available quote and didn’t really think much of it. Then I read Mike’s comment and I started to think a little more about my post and the quote. In my post I wrote about not being worried about running 51 miles less this February, than last February. Then I quoted something about “daring mighty things” and “winning glorious triumphs.”

Did I seriously put that stuff in the same post?

If I analyze the two side-by-side it seems like they’re complete opposites. In the first two months of 2006 I averaged 82 mpw. So far this year I’ve averaged 66 mpw. That’s a 16 mile per week difference. Over 2 miles per day difference!!! Am I really “daring mighty things”?

Does playing it safer than last year, in hopes of producing consistent quality training for the entire year count as a “glorious triumph”? Or should I be cranking up my training, even if it means that two seasons in-a-row could be “checkered with failure”?

I know these are just rhetorical questions with no right or wrong answers. And I know that anything can be justified if you try hard enough. I just hate to come on here and post things that are so blatantly opposite.

Anyway, today’s morning run consisted of an easy 5 miles through about 2 inches of new snow. If I’m able to make it home before midnight (due to the blizzard) I’ll get in another easy 5 miles today.

Oh yeah, speaking of the blizzard, I don’t know why but I thought it was funny yesterday when a local weatherman blamed the storm for “being late.” It wasn’t that his forecast was wrong – it was the storm’s fault.

Quote of the day;

“Don’t just learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the trade.” – James Bennis


Laurie said...

I find the weatherman's lack of taking responsibility funny too. Sad but funny.

Chad said...


The main thing would be that I've added in more longer LT runs than last year. Last Nov-Jan was almost all easy-moderate running. I didn't start any LT work until Feb. So far during this training cycle, I've been basically running 1-2 LT workouts or a hill session each week.