Monday, March 26, 2007


Ever feel that you’re just being tested? I used to think that race results were basically just a matter of motivation; runs lots and get good race results, let motivation wane and results will suffer. Of course, that’s still true, but other factors sure seem to be more and more prevalent as I age. Since I’m no longer 20 years old, jumping on injuries as soon as possible seems to be more and more important.

Looking back at last year’s log book, I started the first 3.5 month of the year by averaging over 80 mpw. For me, that was huge, consistent mileage. Unfortunately, I spent the next 2.5 months struggling with an injury. Rather than seeking help immediately and treating it aggressively, I hemmed and hawed. I’d take a few days off or cross-train, then I’d throw in a few hour-long runs and then, come the weekend, I’d run 20 miles. Of course, I wasn’t heeled, and I’d repeat the cycle again. This lasted 4-5 weeks before I declared myself injured.

What are those 12 steps? Denial? Acceptance? Wikipedia says these steps are part of the process;

• admitting that one has a serious, uncontrollable problem;
• recognizing that a higher (spiritual) power can help;
• inventorying and admitting character defects;
• asking one's higher power for deliverance from these defects;
• making amends to those one has harmed; and
• helping others with the same problem.

This year I've vowed to change. As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t think the pain I’ve been experiencing lately was due to my Achilles Heel. The pain was there, but the “normal” symptoms weren’t. No swelling. No tenderness to the touch. It wasn’t painful right from the start of my run. The final sign was when I ice-massaged that area on Friday, it sent “shockwaves” across the bottom of my foot, to my toes.

Time to seek out my “higher power”.

I called Jenna and she was kind enough to give me a treatment on Saturday. She was able to find a nasty trigger point in my upper calf. I’ve been icing, massaging and foam rolling that area all weekend. It seems to really have helped. I was able to run 9 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. This morning I ran an easy 6 miles and threw in 5-6 strides. While I’m no longer experiencing pain in my Achilles, I’m not quite ready to declare victory yet. I’ve been experiencing some constant achy pain in my knee lately. My guess is that it’s due to the trigger point in my calf. I’ll continue to monitor it.

Since I’m normally on here bitching about the weather, it’s only fair that I praise it once in awhile too. The last few days have been incredible; mid-60s to 70, sunny, light breeze. Today is supposed to approach the record high of 74. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was talking about how great 26 degrees felt.

Quote of the day;

“Those who say that I will lose and am finished will have to run over my body to beat me.” – Said Aouita

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