Thursday, March 08, 2007


I posted yesterday’s entry a little earlier than normal because I wanted to stop by the running store over lunch. Not that I wanted to buy anything – I just needed to get out of the office for awhile. Plus, the local store is under new ownership, so I thought I’d swing by and wish the new owner (a guy I run “with” sometimes) well. Anyway, guess who’s working.

Yep, Katie McGregor.

I told her about my dream the night before. I think I caught her a little off-guard, but she recovered well. I think she was happy with her new 8K “PR”.

I probably should have mentioned to her that I read her journal recently and that’s why I probably dreamed about her. I don’t want her to think I’m some letsrun-hotness-thread-reading-college-aged-loser. You know, I’d hate for her to think I were still in college. Oh well, it’ll all become clear once she reads this.

Not sure if it’s because I limited myself to a single 8 miler, instead of two 5 milers, yesterday, but my legs felt really good today. I felt pretty springy, as if I had the best running form in the world.

For some reason, the springy feeling didn’t carryover to the hills. I felt okay, but not as good as I did on the flats. After the first hill repeat, I almost blew off the rest of the hill workout because I knew I’d have a more enjoyable run on the flats. But sometimes “more enjoyable” is not the goal. I need a hill workout – even if the hill was snow-covered and slippery. I managed two sets of four reps during the course of 10 miles.

I always think of this, but never post it – until today; it bugs me that “they” plow the paths with some huge 8-foot wide machine. As a result, they usually end up leaving about 2-3” on snow on the path. I’d rather see them use a smaller machine and get down to the surface, leaving a nice clear 3 or 4-foot wide section.

Quote of the day;

“In all of my years of running, it seems that most, if not all, of my competitors have become my close friends.”Carrie Tollefson


Anonymous said...

Which running store do you shop at? I've been going to the Running Room in uptown and I'm 100% in love...

Chad said...

Seriously? Running Room is like the worst running store I've ever been in. They're so sterile and have no atmosphere - at least the Burnsville one doesn't.

In this post I was talking about TC Running Company in Eden Prairie (Shady Oak and Crosstown). It used to be Run n Fun. There's also a Run n Fun in St. Paul.

If you're particular to the Uptown area, check out Gear on France (and 44th?) and Marathon Sports on 50th and Penn.

Anonymous said...

Gah! I meant to say NOT 100% in love. I totally agree with your comment about it being sterile. I like to think that runners as a group are friendly and social, but the RR just feels cold.

I'll check out the stores you suggested - thanks!!